Hu Xijin: The United States raises Hong Kong as a baby to threaten the mainland of China.

 Hu Xijin: The United States raises Hong Kong as a baby to threaten the mainland of China.

The U.S. Senate passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act on Thursday, and the House version is scheduled to be passed on Friday, U.S. time. The core idea of the Act is to require the US government to certify Hong Kongs autonomy annually, mainly by examining Hong Kongs human rights and democratic standards, so as to decide whether to maintain Hong Kongs special treatment, which is to treat Hong Kong as an independent customs area.

In other words, the current Sino-US tariff war has no direct impact on Hong Kong, but if the treatment of Hong Kongs independent tariff zone is abolished, the situation will change.

Hu would like to say that the US Congresss approach is very poisonous. They want to turn Hong Kong into a new lever to put pressure on the mainland of China. At the same time, they incite the resentment of the Hong Kong people towards the mainland society, create the impression that Beijing threatens the status of Hong Kongs independent customs area, and fuel the current situation in Hong Kong.

Since Hong Kongs return to the motherland, Western politicians as a whole have never really been better for Hong Kong. It may not be an accurate analogy. Hong Kong is a Chinese child, but it has been forcibly adopted by the UK and the West for many years for various reasons. What would foster parents do if they really cared about the child when the child returned to his parents?

First, bring some good conditions with the child. We can think in good faith that in the negotiations between China and the UK, the UK may have meant that, although in fact the UKs greatest concern is how to preserve its interests in Hong Kong. In fact, one country, two systems respects Hong Kongs adopted experience. The basic law gives Hong Kong society far more democratic conditions than the so-called democracy in Hong Kong and Britain. You know, the Governor of Hong Kong was sent from England at that time, and todays Chief Executive was elected by the margin. Today, Hong Kongs democracy and political freedom are far greater than that of the former British colony and independent Singapore. The freedom of public opinion in Hong Kong to criticize the HKSAR government is something that Singapores public opinion would never dare to expect from Lees government.

Secondly, how can foster parents talk to their child before and after the child returns to his parents? If you really love this child, you will tell him to get along well with his parents and adapt to the new environment. Does anyone who loves this child provoke him to die with them?

But thats what Britain did from the beginning. When the last governor of Hong Kong, Patten, left Hong Kong, he created a series of conflicts between Hong Kong and the mainland of China. After the return of Hong Kong, the United States stepped up its involvement in Hong Kong affairs and encouraged Hong Kong to make trouble with the mainland of China. Such incitement reflects a basic mentality: since Hong Kong is not a Western country, then it will become a trouble for China. Hong Kong has been chaotic and destroyed. Whats wrong with China and the West?

Now the United States Congress has created the institutional threat of abolishing Hong Kongs independent tariff zone, which is like the United States raising Hong Kong as a baby to threaten the mainland of China: if I dont promise my terms, I will throw him down. It destroys Hong Kong, but it wants to place the mainland in the position of unjust and unjust. Its really heartfelt criticism.

Lao Hu also said again from the perspective of interests that only the interests of mainland China and Hong Kong are really tied together today. Hong Kong is a piece of meat on the mainland. We sincerely hope that Hong Kong will be good. It pains us to see the riots in Hong Kong. But Im sure those American lawmakers say they are touched by the people of Hong Kong, but their hearts are full of joy. Their only regret is: why havent there been any bloodshed in Hong Kong? They would like to see blood on the streets of Hong Kong the next day. They would be crazy to wait for that day.

Todays world situation is undergoing profound changes. The United States has regarded China as its top strategic competitor. When Washington talks about Hong Kong, they are full of ideas about how to further restrict China through this place. At this time, if the people of Hong Kong are not fully alert to Washingtons consideration, they will easily fall into the trap of the United States and become the cannon fodder for the United States to contain China.

Now is the time for Hong Kong and mainland Chinese societies to truly unite to deal with the strategic conspiracy and manipulation of the United States. We must not allow the United States to succeed in its separation, nor allow it to find a gap and an excuse for hurting Hong Kong. We should fight together for the prosperity of Hong Kong, which is not only in the interests of the people of Hong Kong, but also of the whole of China.

Please shine your eyes, dont be fooled by American political elites, and dont be kidnapped by a few radical opposition groups in Hong Kong society. Mainland society and Hong Kong compatriots are more bloody than water. In the face of international storms and waves, we have no choice but to build a city with all our aspirations.

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