72-year-old Kitano exchanged $20 billion for freedom: the best position for divorce is to get what you need.

 72-year-old Kitano exchanged $20 billion for freedom: the best position for divorce is to get what you need.

It is said that Takeshi Kitano has been in a bad mood since his marriage to his wife, Matsuda Ganzi.

Forty years of marriage, 30 years spent in the state of separation, and Kitano often rumors of derailment and illegitimacy.

Once, Takeshi Kitano proposed the idea of divorce and was willing to trade personal property for personal freedom, but because his wife was determined to save the marriage, it has been exhausted.

Ultimately, at the age of 72, Takeshi Kitano finally traded money for love and freedom, saying in an interview with his friends:

As a result, Kitano was a 0:100 defeat. But when I talked to him about it, I scratched my head and laughed that he was liberated.

This style of work, fully in line with the rebellious Kitano, which is also a lot of even divorced couples have to tear their faces do not understand the truth: each take what they need, good gathering and good scattering.

In 2005, Jia Jingwen and Sun Zhihao got married, but in five years, the relationship came to an end and divorced in 2010.

When they negotiated divorce, Sun Zhihao asked Jia Jingwen to return the house and the bride, or even to divide the house, totaling NT$26 million, and her mother-in-laws irrationality made Jia Jingwen in a predicament for several times.

Finally, Jia Jingwen had to compromise some of the unfair treaties in order to fight for her daughters custody rights.

Sun Zhihaos involvement with flowers and herbs is not a respectable thing. As a son of a rich family, he still has to throw stones at his wife in divorce. Its just too ugly to eat.

In entertainment circles, Sun Zhihao is not the only one who is ugly at divorce.

He Jie chooses to marry Heziming when her career is on the rise, not only to shoulder the heavy responsibility of family economy, but also to take care of the big boy who plays games all day.

In a long marriage, no one can guarantee that a man will cheat.

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Many women have lost their marriages, and even have to fight for property and custody. Their husbands have become enemies of today.

By contrast, a man is much luckier.

After Kitano became famous, she seized the financial power of her family.

Kitano can only get 6 million yen (equivalent to 380,000 yuan) a month from his wife.

Divorce is about getting what you need.

Lets recall the derailment in the entertainment industry in recent years. If there is no hard evidence, mens first reaction is to deny and wash white.

Why cant most men admit derailment as generously as Takeshi Kitano?

Lets talk about the future.

Derailment means fault to men and harm to women.

In this way, men lose the capital to have a foothold in society.

So in the face of derailment, most men grit their teeth and kill them, while some men are crazy to find loopholes in women and transfer their mistakes to women.

And Kitanos attitude toward derailment makes people hate him.

First, put down the mask of good husband, admit calmly that the feelings with his wife are cold, and never hypocritical love.

From the moment the marriage was in crisis, Kitano filed for divorce from his wife and was willing to trade money for freedom.

In the face of divorce, he did not mercilessly throw away his wife, but waited until his wife agreed to the divorce conditions before leaving.

And at the end of the marriage, Kitano gave his wife the ultimate love: 20 billion yen protection.

This is not so much a compensation for the wife of the chaff, but rather a barter for each one.

This is the highest level of divorce, no fight, no cry, take what you need, good gathering and good scattering.

All sisters are advised not to talk about vulgar love after a mans derailment. From the moment he made up his mind to divorce, all he wanted was freedom.

Therefore, perfection is the right solution, perfection of his freedom and true love, and perfection of his future decades of happy life.

Women must understand the truth of divorce:

Money cant save a man, and love is not your guarantee.

Love is the foundation of marriage, but firewood, rice, oil and salt are the essence of marriage.

At the end of the divorce, there was no money.

In order to support Kitanos career, she even went to the hotel as a waitress to make money to support her husbands career.

In 1994, on his way to date his lover, Takeo Kitano was hospitalized due to a motorcycle accident. He took care of him day and night until he recovered.

But even if he pulled out his heart and lungs, he could not change his husbands heart, but pushed him away.

Kitano is a rebel.

He has lived under his mothers control since childhood. He once said that his whole childhood was a struggle against his mother.

Knowing that his mother had placed all her hopes on school education, he dropped out of school to demonstrate in his sophomore year.

What really binds him is the so-called true love and freedom, for which he goes through fire and water.

Isnt this a true portrayal of many couples on the verge of divorce?

Xiao Min is also a derailed wife.

She had persistently believed that money could bind a man. After all, Xiao Min had no money to spend a lot of money, so Xiao Min had always been in control of the familys financial power.

After the man proposed divorce, Xiao Min tried to tie the other party down with money, but the man made surprising moves:

Xiao Min collapsed, she did not want money, as long as people, but in the painful two years, the man and the third thief stole the property.

At the end of the story, she got neither love nor money.

Since you cant keep a man, why not give him and himself a complete, he wants junior three, you want money, no one complains in marriage.

When you are insured in this marriage, money is the compensation for youth and the guarantee of future life after a man cheats.

Its not about letting women let go of cheating men, its about learning to let go of themselves.

In the end,

In marriage, love is not the greatest guarantee, but money is the last way out. Every woman should learn to keep one hand for herself.

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