News: The three major indexes continued to decline in the afternoon GEM index fell more than 1percent.

 News: The three major indexes continued to decline in the afternoon GEM index fell more than 1percent.

Peripheral situation: U.S. stocks closed slightly higher, ending two consecutive declines. To close: the Dow rose 0.39% to 26106.77; the Nasdaq rose 0.57% to 7837.13; and the S&P 500 rose 0.41% to 2891.64. Disney surged more than 4%, and Morgan Stanley raised its target price. Oil prices rose sharply in the wake of the oil tanker attacks. U.S. energy stocks rose collectively. ExxonMobil rose 0.88%, Chevron rose 0.6%, ConocoPhillips rose 0.87% and Schlumberger rose 3.49%.

On the news: 1. Vice Premier Liu He of the State Council said that we should accelerate the reform of the basic system of stock issuance, listing and delisting, and avoid unnecessary administrative intervention in the stock market. 2. Kechuang Board officially opened on the 13th day! Huang Hongyuan, chairman of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, revealed that the first batch of listed companies are expected to be traded within two months. 3. Guo Shuqing: To strengthen the opening of banking, insurance, securities, trust and other industries, and resolutely prevent the resurgence of complex products, we must face up to the problem of real estate financialization in some places. 4. Yi Gang: We will support the pilot abolition of the upper limit on the proportion of foreign shareholdings of securities companies, fund management companies and other companies in Shanghai, expand the scope of operation of foreign-funded financial institutions, and give full support to the construction of Shanghai Science Creative Board. 5. Yi Hui Man: Recently, the SFC has launched nine measures to further open the capital market to the outside world, including promoting the revision of QFII/RQFII system rules, continuously increasing the opening of futures market and expanding the scope of specific varieties. 6. CEO of Lun Stock Exchange: The Huluntong Cooperation Project is about to start. Now the regulatory framework has been completed and the cross-border trading rules have been finally confirmed.

Shenguang Finance and Economics said that the reform and opening of the capital market and the opening of the scientific board are expected to bring new catalysis to the securities market. At present, the level of dynamic stock market of the front-line securities firms is still at a historic low, and the value depression is relatively clear. Under the background of easy credit and liquidity, banks can control the overall risk of the industry, and their valuation advantages are still outstanding. The long-term investment value of insurance companies need not be further elaborated. From the perspective of technology stocks, big data, cloud computing, industrial internet, artificial intelligence, these subdivisions have a huge demand market in China. Excellent companies have emerged in some subdivisions. These companies also benefit from preferential fiscal and taxation policies, and have the potential of real growth and white horse. As for the traditional fields of science and technology such as computer and communication, China is also rising gradually. The speculation in the secondary market is vulnerable to the impact of Sino-US trade conflicts. However, judging from the strategic task of Chinas science and technology development, the subdivision fields such as 5G and IC still have a long way to go and have a bright future. Finally, continuing our recent point of view, we believe that there may be some new changes in policy and capital in the middle and late June. These changes may effectively hedge trade conflicts, economic downturn expectations and other factors, and become a booster for the completion of market bottoming and the rise of shocks. We can dig more for the two main lines of Finance and science and technology.

Source of this article: Netease Financial Responsibility Editor: Yang Qian_NF4425