Japans Marine Insurance Company: Worried about the Great Gap between Chinas Marine Police Force and Japans Marine Protection Company

 Japans Marine Insurance Company: Worried about the Great Gap between Chinas Marine Police Force and Japans Marine Protection Company

Japans Maritime Security Agency will deploy the highest-level large helicopter patrol ship (PLH) on Ishigawa Island, the frontline stronghold, in order to strengthen the security of the surrounding waters of Diaoyu Islands, Japans Matsumoto News reported on June 14. This will be the first time that Japans Maritime Security Headquarters of Area 11 (Naha) will be equipped with the highest-level patrol ship.

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Reported that Chinas maritime police boats are moving towards large-scale and armed. The Japanese government has found Chinese maritime police boats in the waters around Diaoyu Island for 63 consecutive days, a record for the most consecutive days. Japans Maritime Security Agency believes that it is necessary to strengthen the response system when something happens.

It is reported that the PLH class (Mizuho type) large helicopter patrol vessel planned by Japan Maritime Security Agency has a drainage capacity of about 6500 tons and a total length of 150 meters, which belongs to the two-plane-mounted large patrol vessel. Deployment is scheduled to be completed by 2021.

Geographical Map of Diaoyu Island and Shiyuan Island

At present, Japan Marine Conservancy has deployed 12 large patrol vessels around Diaoyu Island, which are responsible for the area. Reported that although the newly deployed large patrol ship is not included in the framework of the special system, it will be used as a real command ship for the Diaoyu Islands.

Japans Maritime Security Agency (MSA) has analyzed that there are 67 patrol vessels with a capacity of more than 1,000 tons in Japan and 145 Chinese Maritime Police. Although Japan plans to add 71 more by 2022, it is still worried about the further expansion of the strength gap between the two sides.

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The report points out that the Japanese government has recently observed changes in Chinas maritime police operations. In the past, as long as the waves reached two meters high, Chinese maritime police vessels would stop sailing and leave the waters around Diaoyu Island to return. But recently, even in bad weather, Chinese maritime police vessels are still on standby at sea. As long as the weather improves slightly, they will start maritime operations again.

According to the analysis of the Marine Protection Personnel in Japan, this change reflects that the Marine Police has been transferred from the security organs to military organizations, and the new command and order system has been formally operational. It is reported that in July last year, Chinas maritime police force as a whole was under the leadership and command of the Armed Police Force.

Japanese Self-Defense Force personnel analysis, the Chinese Marine Police may be through testing Japans response ability, while adjusting their fleet formation, enhance the combat ability. After Chinas maritime police shift their focus to military, they may continue to train in the waters of Diaoyu Islands day and night and weather in the future, and Japans response will be more and more difficult.

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