Pupils questioned the Renren Educational Society of Nine Days of Yi Shooting: improper revision will be made

 Pupils questioned the Renren Educational Society of Nine Days of Yi Shooting: improper revision will be made

According to the Straits Metropolitan Daily, an 8-year-old boy, Xiao Feng, has sparked a heated discussion among netizens about the question Nine Days of Shooting in his Chinese textbook. In the text, the former paragraph just mentioned that the water in the river has been steamed dry, and the next paragraph mentioned that he crossed ninety-nine big rivers and came to the East China Sea. How did he cross the big river? Xiao Fengs thinking has aroused praise from many parents and netizens.

On June 14, @Peoples Education Publishing House (hereinafter referred to as Peoples Education Press) responded to Xiao Fengs questions on the official microblog. In response, PEC affirmed Xiao Fengs query.

Peoples Education Agency explained that Nine Days of Yi Shooting is a classical myth story in China. This text in primary school Chinese textbooks refers to New Edition of Myth Stories (Editor Yuan Ke, China Youth Publishing House, 1963) and Chinese Dadian, Xia Shang Zhou (Yunnan Education Publishing House, 2010) and other books about Nine Days of Yi Shooting to rewrite, in order to let students feel our country. The charm of ancient myths. Mythology is full of magical imagination, there will be many exaggerated descriptions. For example, The water in the rivers has been steamed dry, in order to highlight the disaster caused by ten suns to people, Yi crossed ninety-nine mountains, crossed ninety-nine rivers is also an exaggeration of his magic power.

Peoples Education Society admits that the word jiu is not used properly in the context. The compiling group of textbooks is studying carefully and will modify the textbooks appropriately. This problem will be solved in the next edition of textbooks.

Peoples Education Agency said that thanks for your concern about the integrated textbooks, we will take every suggestion seriously and constantly improve the textbooks. We welcome contacts with the feedback mailbox ([email protected]) through the Peoples Education Agencys Feedback Platform for Primary and Secondary School Textbooks.

On the same day, well-known writers, deputy editor of Harvest magazine and member of the Chinese Writers Association, Ye Kai, told Peng Mei News that ancient Chinese mythology had been lacking in systematic arrangement and writing. Mr. Yuan Ke, a famous mythologist, had a profound study of Chinese mythology. He translated Shanhai Jing, collated Chinese Mythology Story, Chinese Mythology History and Chinese Mythology Dictionary. They are all important works. Ye Kai said that to sort out this myth clue, experts need to think and write again. He believed that using the old moral ethics, we should write new mythological stories with the concept of man conquers nature, but we do not understand the connection between the front and the back, and only care about sensationalism. It is inevitable that errors will occur.

Source: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Li Hang_BJS4645