President Philippines: There are too many problems in the Philippines to resist suicide by hanging.

 President Philippines: There are too many problems in the Philippines to resist suicide by hanging.

On the 13th, Dutter gave a speech in General Santos City. (Tuyuan: Manila Bulletin)

Overseas Network, June 14, has always been an astonishing statement by Philippine President Dutter recently, saying that the Philippines has too many problems, as a president, will be unable to help but want to hang himself.

Dutter visited General Santos, a coastal city on Mindanao Island in the southern Philippines, on Thursday (13), and gave a public speech in an open-air venue, according to the Manila Gazette of the Philippines. During his speech, he said that there were too many problems in the Philippines to make him want to commit suicide.

Truth be told, if you are the president of such a country, you cant help wanting to hang yourself, because there are so many problems. Duttert said. Reported that Dutts issues include insurgency and illegal drug trade.

The report also revealed an episode during Dutts speech: at first, Dutt stood behind the bullet-proof barrier installed by the security team and spoke to the crowd. Later, he demanded that the thick bullet-proof barrier be removed.

Take it down, or Ill stop talking. Duttert issued a threat to security personnel. He also said that the purpose of installing bullet-proof glass was to prevent me from being hit, but in his view, he had not done anything harmful to the country and would not be shot in public.

How could anyone shoot me if I hadnt done anything wrong? Dutt also shouted potential gunmen and dont shoot at politicians like us, because we are only serving you. He also joked that he had a grenade to deal with any threat.

Born in March 1945 in Maathin, Wright Province, Philippines, Dutter was elected the 16th President of the Philippines in May 2016. He was sworn in on June 30, the same year for a term of office until June 2022. Before becoming President, he served as mayor of Davo, the largest city in Mindanao for 25 years.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499