The home of this makeup blogger is the dream of the new 900 million girls.

 The home of this makeup blogger is the dream of the new 900 million girls.

Probably no girl can resist his signature line: Ohmygod! Buy it!

As for why he is the dream of 900 million girls? Because he is known as the lipstick elder brother, he has almost all the cosmetics gift boxes that girls dream of, Guerlain:


Armani Red Tube Pan Gift Box

Almost everything you want anyway, he has it.

Two days ago, his home was exposed. After watching her, she really knelt. Because his home is just a large cosmetic warehouse!

The lipstick wall, full of more than 2,000 lipsticks, should be remembered after watching his live broadcasts. As many as the shelves have been bent.

He usually broadcasts live in front of this wall.

But geese, these are just the tip of the iceberg. He also has a special room for cosmetics and skin care products.

Then theres another wall full of lipstick.

The number of lipsticks in their family adds up to nearly ten thousand.

Besides these, there are about more than 400 bottles of liquid foundation.

Nearly 300 air cushion frosts

The water, lotion and creams you can see on the market are almost bought.

At the same time, Li Jiaqi couldnt resist the recommendation of real feelings. She heard that Yi Jie wanted to take out her mobile phone every minute to place all the orders. Among so many cosmetic items, what is the most worthwhile one? Come and take notes!


Li Jiaqi said that the most worthwhile lipstick brand is Jiaolan.

He has a whole set of his own.

The first recommendation is Guerlain #24.

Its not a mouth, its a womans weapon.

Then, Guerlain, #25, the beautiful jewel lipstick.

Li Jiaqi sold it out of stock all over the world. Its shell is very beautiful. Its full of blingbling drills. After using it, its mouth will shine.

The second recommendation is Chanel Cocos gloss lip gloss #109.

Its also the latest series. Berry color is super-whitening.

The third recommended brand is Hourglass pipe lipstick

IFONLY is very temperamental bean paste red

AtNight is painted with rotten strawberry, which is very skin-friendly and easy to control.

And Heathleys Enchantment # 43, the shell is animal print, super beautiful

Of course, there are also totally undesirable colors, namely pink, which is what we often call straight mens favorite - death Barbie powder.

Because pink is hard for Asian girls to control, they will look black and yellow.

Li Jiaqi once challenged and failed.

Looking at CCTV dads beautiful filter lens, its almost like this.

Of course, this color is not impossible for anyone. The black-skinned girl would look good if she painted it. Lets see a meaningful demonstration of Jicks.

So you still have to choose the color system according to your skin color.~


Li Jiaqis favorite, which he described as the bottom makeup sticking to the dead air cushion

Intelligent Petal Air Cushion from Shiseido

If you place more emphasis on concealer, you can choose Li Jiaqis recommended TF scour foundation.

It looks like this.

So you just need to pat it gently, and all the flaws and wrinkles are gone.

As for his more than 300 bottles of liquid foundation, he can use one drop that is left.

MAKEUPFOREVER HD foundation solution

With instant skin polishing beauty effect, but also very moist, feel very worthy of possession


Li Jiaqis perfume does not lose other products. It is placed in rows.

Of all the perfumes, Li Jiaqi likes this perfume with a little milk smell.

Perfume from TOMFORD musk deer

It has only one disadvantage, that is, it is too expensive.

If you are a drinker, you must buy a special perfume for this alcoholic.

Ou Longs golden life perfume, it is said to spray it to disco you, you are the brightest kid in the ballroom.

Another recommended coffee evening fragrant jade has a brand on it.

Li Jiaqi describes it as having a real taste of latte coffee, which is suitable for white-collar workers who like to drink coffee.

Finally, I recommend a bottle of Jiao Manxiang. Although I cant imagine what it tastes like, it sounds very strong.

The tragedy of Lord George from Pan Hailigen is that the bottle is beautifully designed and the cap is an elks head. It should also be suitable for decoration at home.

I cant believe that in just a few minutes of video, Li Jiaqi has recommended 12 products.

Did he plant any grass for you this time? Immediately coming 520, if you havent thought about what to send, you can also choose from these explosive items, oh, to ensure that there will be no mistakes!

Source: Netease Fashion. Internal Source Responsibility Editor: Yang Yating_NBJ11328