Men sneak cameras at their ex-girlfriends house and aim at the bed: worrying about her safety

 Men sneak cameras at their ex-girlfriends house and aim at the bed: worrying about her safety

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Men in the former girlfriends house sneak cameras in the direction of the bed: worried about her safety (source: netizens)

At about 9 a.m. on June 13, Nanjing man Li Mou, after receiving a call from the police, came to the Maigaoqiao police station in Qixia District. When he saw the police and Miss Zhang, he repeatedly apologized, claiming that he had done something wrong and asked for forgiveness.

Yesterday afternoon, when Miss Zhang, who lives in Dingjiazhuang, was cleaning up her things, she saw a light flashing in the cabinet. Looking carefully, she saw a camera facing her bed. She was afraid that her privacy would be sent to the internet. Miss Zhang immediately called the police.

When the police checked the video captured by the camera, they found that Miss Zhangs privacy was indeed violated, and a man appeared in the video. Miss Zhang identified the man with the camera as her ex-boyfriend, Li Mou.

Li Mou said that although she broke up with Miss Zhang, she still loved her. Because she was worried about her safety, she stole the camera while Miss Zhang was not at home. Through the criticism and education of the police, Li realized his mistakes, because the video did not leak, Miss Zhang also expressed forgiveness.

Source: Litchi News Responsible Editor: Li Hang_BJS 4645