The older you get, the more you want love on campus.

 The older you get, the more you want love on campus.

I feel like a lemon essence, but the feeling of pure campus love makes me remember endlessly.

Maybe its been too long since I graduated. I have lost the sweet love ability in myself, so I am envious and miss it very much.

Now around friends of the same age, long ago do not put love in the first place, more concerned about the economic ability of the other half and their own match, together will reduce their quality of life.

Social peoples love is quite dull and utilitarian. Maybe its romantic to chase fireflies along the riverside together in the campus era, but now its only interested in expensive materials that are exchanged for with money. And its not as expensive as the present he gave me on Valentines Day.

In this way, what I miss more may be the feeling of secret love that happened on campus. A green, pure, shy, hidden feeling.

Although not, but like a ray of light in the dark, let my heart to work in that direction. I can pay for everything regardless of cost, an unprecedented courage to support me.

Once, I was also a person with super power of love! For the people he likes, listen to the songs he likes, watch the movies he likes, read the books he likes, mend the basketball knowledge he likes, and be in harmony with all his good buddies. He can recite all his basic information in one breath and try all kinds of ways to create encounters. He is a man full of fighting power.

At an age when we have nothing, we have the strongest ability to love. Whether we love or be loved, our emotional world must be the richest and most charming in our life.

Recently, I just brushed a new play Secret Love for Orange Sheng Huainan, which made me feel like returning to campus in an instant.

The schools, dormitories, supermarkets, canteens and classrooms in the play are too real and restored.

Girlsdormitories with thousands of paper cranes and posters are reminiscent of college days when they and their sisters used their eyes to search for people they liked on the balcony during the day and chattered about their emotional progress after the lights went out at night.

Full of memories. Its like going back to the university campus and sitting in an empty classroom, with Jay Chopins 2005 album November Chopin in his earphone, and writing the names of secret lovers again and again in this book. Everything is beautiful and moving.

Whats more, the main line of the play is secret love, which can arouse resonance.

Whats more, there are so many dating software nowadays, men and women can determine the relationship very quickly and simply. Call your dear, talk for a few days, and play when its appropriate, and byebye when its not.

This is my student age, the most insignificant, but also the most real secret love.

But the secret love in the play has some more bright elements, the heroine Luozhi and the heroine Sheng Huainan began to have a lot of sweet interaction.

Bangsheng Huainan Button

The beginning of vinegar in Shenghuainan

After watching the eight episodes broadcast this week, my biggest feeling is that I want to go back to the campus and feel the energetic youth!

Unlike the useless, romantic and beautiful things like buying a house, buying a car and working hard in my mind, I cant spare time to watch the sunset, release my girlfriends heart, dance and write love letters with people I like.

So I feel that life has become vulgar and boring, so I am eager to go back to campus.

Fortunately, there is also a secret love of this time shuttle, take me back to the past, to the brave secret love of my own say: Hey, you are great!

Text originated from Ertiaojun