What on earth should a woman do to really catch a mans heart?

 What on earth should a woman do to really catch a mans heart?

Later, her husband Guo Jin suddenly took the initiative to showdown on her: Sorry, I fell in love with someone else, lets divorce it. Id like to be a pure family. This apartment and all the savings are for you and your children.

1. Your love and sincerity should be left to those who are truly worthy of love.

Womens love and sincerity must be left to those who are truly worthy of love. The so-called true lover, first of all, he should be sincerely good to you, secondly, he should give you full trust and tolerance.

If a man doesnt love you, he is full of deception and lies to you. He only knows how to love you in his mouth, but he never pays any real action. Then how you love him, you should let him go as soon as possible.

Women in love, we must learn to love themselves. You can be desperate for what you call true love, but only if you protect yourself from unnecessary hurt in your feelings.

3. If you love someone again, you should know how to leave room for yourself.

Since you want to really catch a mans heart, you have to learn to keep a proper distance from him. You have to keep some mystery in front of him.

In love, no matter how much you love a man, you should not confess everything to him prematurely, nor should you place all your hopes on a man.

In emotions, whoever moves first is apt to be in a more passive situation. You can take the initiative to confess to a loved man, but only if he has a certain affinity for you. Otherwise, how much you love him, he will not put you in his eyes and heart.

In love, you should learn to protect yourself. You can treat a man sincerely, but you should not tell him everything. You need to know how to leave room for yourself. Even if you break up in the future, you will not have no way to go.

In short, women should learn to take the initiative in their emotions. You should not blindly pay, let alone be obedient to a man. You have to stick to your principles and bottom line.

Once a mans performance and behavior make you feel uncomfortable, you must stop it in time, you should warn him with a very serious and stern attitude. If he keeps on teaching, then you should let go of love.