Although Coles speed is 400 +, its still fatal...

 Although Coles speed is 400 +, its still fatal...

In fact, this kind of rotation is easy to change themselves, but the execution of the Warriors is worthy of respect (it is worth mentioning that compared with the warriors, the Rockets rarely change defensive strategies, and do not have the brain to change defense, of course, there is no difference between the advantages and disadvantages, rockets are mainly capital + save the minds of the players). They have made their own advantages with diligence. In the middle of the second and the middle and rear of the third section, the Raptors were once slightly dizzy.

4. In the third quarter, the referee found each others whistles because of misjudgement (neither Curie nor Lorrys third foul was clear). Then Leonard took over the third quarter according to his previous habits, but Clay continued to fire, so that the warriors avoided the embarrassment of looking at the place like a tiger carefully. At this time, the climax of this years finals came. The Warriors had a great chance to take the game away.

u2014u2014 Although we thought at one time that he would come back from the playerschannel like Yao Ming.

5. At the beginning of the fourth section, the line-up of the warriors is: Cosins-Jerebko-Cook-Example-Green. At that time, Van Gundy Tucao said that the line-up Cole had not used in a minute before, I could not play this lineup in the finals anyway.

7. Coles final tactics for Curie were very successful. The first time before, Celtic player Turner pointed out that this was the classic killing tactic of Celtic coach Stevens. Van Gundy also confirmed in the commentary.

8. Congratulations to Raptors, Kawaii, Shuhao, many people, and finally... Touch the Spurs fans.


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