Erie Enterprise Live Broadcasting Report: 2 Billion Market, Weizan and Other Enterprise Live Broadcasting Platforms Growth

 Erie Enterprise Live Broadcasting Report: 2 Billion Market, Weizan and Other Enterprise Live Broadcasting Platforms Growth

The blowout growth of Chinese enterpriseslive broadcasting service market is not accidental. With the development of cloud computing, Chinas enterprise-level SaaS service market has grown by more than 35% for three consecutive years. With the popularization of technology and the change of user media contact habits, enterprise marketing has become more video-based and digital. In this link, the new potential energy brought by live broadcasting for enterprises to attract customers and retain and transform can not be ignored. In 2019, Taobaos tens of millions of live broadcasters earned more than 100 million yuan, and Tencent also launched the public number live broadcasting tool. Live broadcasting has enabled enterprises, and the market atmosphere is warm.

Rise up with the tide, and the dividend of the companys live broadcasts is highlighted.

In fact, at present, the cost of customer acquisition in the market has risen in an all-round way, and the cost of per capita customer acquisition has remained high. An advertiser in the Internet industry revealed that the average cost of per capita visitors of website advertisement bidding search and marketing page information flow has increased to tens of yuan at this stage, and some even reached three digits. The cost of enterprise passenger acquisition expenditure rises rapidly, and the investment is becoming more and more cautious.

In response, the overall growth rate of the advertising industry has slowed down and advertising revenue has shrunk substantially. Take Baidu for example, the first quarter of 2019 results show that Baidu has suffered its first loss since its listing in 2005, and the growth rate of advertising revenue has declined. Baidus revenue in the first quarter was 24.1 billion yuan, with a net loss of 327 million yuan, and its online marketing revenue was 17.7 billion yuan, an increase of only 3% compared with the same period last year, which was much lower than the growth rate of more than 20% in the previous quarters.

The biggest pain in getting customers is where the enterprises money should go? How can the enterprises money be more valuable and more efficient? So we focus on Wechat Ecology, because it is a flow pool that can not be ignored by Chinese enterprises nowadays. Zhou Pengpeng, CEO of the first echelon of Chinas enterprise live broadcasting service market, said, In 2018, more than 96% of the 500 million users of Weichat will come from the mobile end of Weichat. It is enough to prove the advantage of enterprise live broadcasting in Wechat Ecology.

Data disclosure shows that the market size of Chinese enterpriseslive broadcasting service has reached 100 million yuan in 2015. In 2016, it experienced rapid development, and maintained the growth trend of more than 50% every year after that. The market predicts that in 2021, the scale of Chinese enterpriseslive broadcasting service is expected to reach 2.21 billion RMB, and the scale of enterprises live broadcasting service market will continue to expand.

Enterprise live broadcasting forms a new support for enterprises, and the market of enterprise live broadcasting services is competing. According to Eries research report, in 2018, Weizan and Exhibition interaction ranked the first rank in revenue, while in terms of the number of corporate customers serving in 2018, Weizan and CC video ranked the first rank, while Polyway, Baijiayun and Exhibition interaction ranked the second rank. There was no obvious oligarchy in the live broadcasting market for the time being. It is worth noting that 50% of the customers in the head live broadcasting enterprises are biased in the field of education and 20% - 30% in the field of finance, e-commerce and medical treatment.

Competition echelon of Chinese enterpriseslive broadcasting service market (Source: Erie Consulting)

In recent years, the rising enterprise service market is also the focus of the capital market. Will the future Unicorn emerge in the soaring enterprise live broadcasting service market?

According to the feedback from the market research report, Weizan is in the forefront on the road of standardization of live broadcasting products. For three consecutive years, the revenue has doubled, and has served the micro-praise of more than 600,000 enterprise users such as China Mobile, Bank of China, Hunan Radio and Television, Tencent and so on. Several standardized live products have been developed, such as enterprise edition, advanced enterprise edition and enterprise flagship edition.

Whether enterprise live broadcasting will become the standard of enterprise development in the future? With the promotion of 5G technology and commercialization, and the close integration of big data and artificial intelligence, the close integration of live broadcasting and enterprise will inevitably become a major trend. In the future, the development of enterprise live broadcasting will also put forward higher requirements for enterprise live broadcasting service providers. In the competition, Weizan will continue to carry out technological innovation and operational application of enterprise live broadcasting service, and become a trend in the industry of enterprise live broadcasting service.

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