Shen Jian, former chairman of Nanjing Municipal Consultative Conference, committed suicide by taking drugs and once worked with Ji Jianye.

 Shen Jian, former chairman of Nanjing Municipal Consultative Conference, committed suicide by taking drugs and once worked with Ji Jianye.

Shen Jian.

According to public data, Shen Jian was born in August 1954 and worked as a worker in a school-run factory of Liaoyuan Middle School in Nanjing in 1970. After that, he joined Baihua Photography and Photography Society as a worker and was promoted to Deputy director. Until his retirement in 2018, Shen Jian spent 48 years in Nanjing.

In March 1997, Shen Jian served as Deputy Secretary-General and Chief Executive Officer of Nanjing Municipal Government. He also served as Chairman of the National Exhibition Center for six years.

In January 2018, Shen Jian, on behalf of the Standing Committee of the 13th Nanjing Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, stated at the first meeting of the 14th Nanjing Municipal Committee that during his five-year tenure, the CPPCC had received 3962 proposals and 3316 proposals for filing. By the end of 2017, all proposals for filing had been completed.

In the same month, Shen Jian, 63, retired.

On January 8 this year, the second meeting of the 14th Nanjing Committee of the CPPCC was held at Zhongshan Hotel. The chairmen of the CPPCC, Zhang Ye, Wang Zhengsheng, Miao Helin and Shen Jian, were invited to attend the opening meeting. This is the last time Shen Jian has appeared in official reports so far.

Several sources confirmed to upstream journalists that Shen Jian drove alone to the Sun Palace in Nanjing on June 2, then took poison in his car. By June 8, Shen Jian was found dead and his body cremated on June 13.

So far, the official has not disclosed the cause of Shen Jians suicide by taking drugs.

Ji Jianye was sentenced to 15 yearsimprisonment

[Ji Jianye was sentenced to 15 yearsimprisonment in the first instance] According to the official microblog of Yantai Intermediate Court, Ji Jianye was convicted of bribery, sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and confiscated 2 million yuan of personal property. The defendant, Ji Jianye, said in court that he was subject to the judgment and would not appeal. The presiding judge declared the court closed and brought the defendant, Ji Jianye, out of court.

Media: Ji Jianyes fall involves many relatives and chief judges.

Speaking of the relatives of Ji Jianye, the former mayor of Nanjing, we are most familiar with his father-in-law, Gao Dezheng. After Ji Jianyes fall, Gao Dezheng, former executive vice governor of Jiangsu Province, reported his partner Yang Weize in Nanjing during the season in real name. Later, Gao himself denounced the rumor publicly. However, Mayor Ji did make many of his relatives feel bad after his fall. Some media reported that his daughter was being tried.

Miao Ruilin, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, was replaced by Ji Jianye and his partner Yang Weize.

In October 2013, Ji Jianye, then mayor of Nanjing, fell into disillusionment. More than a month later, Miu Ruilin, then vice governor of Jiangsu Province, filled the post of mayor of Nanjing by fire fighting, and in early 2018, he was re-appointed as vice governor of Jiangsu Province. In his first speech as acting mayor, he promised: If someone asks for convenience under my banner, please refuse and tell me. Its my responsibility.