Grandpa Dog in Big Secret of Love and Favor 2 foretells that the fetters of petting are deepened

 Grandpa Dog in Big Secret of Love and Favor 2 foretells that the fetters of petting are deepened

Netease Entertainment reported on June 14 that Big Secret 2 created by Universal Film Industry and Lighting Entertainment will be launched on July 5 in the national courtyard. Today, pre-sale has been opened one after another. On the occasion of Fathers Day, the filmmaker released a trailer of Grandpa the God Dog, in which Mike the Little Terrier will inspire an unprecedented protective instinct. Want to know how God Dog can become a Daddy? On July 5, together with Big Secret of Love and Favour 2, we uncovered the mystery and witnessed the happy growth of Meng Favour.

In the story of Big Secret 2, the emotional aspects of pets will be more displayed, and the emotional bonds between them and their masters will be deepened. For the series heroine Mike, the emotional fetters in the new story come from the new member of the family, the new son of the heroine, Lian. In the newly exposed trailer, the arrival of Lian has changed Mikes life greatly. In addition to the nursing home and the funny salesman, Mike is going to look after the children for the owner this time. What is taking a doll? Its not easy. After this trial, Mike will surely grow up again.

In the summer of 2016, Big Secrets of Love was popular in summer. The film earned $103 million at the box office on its opening weekend. It still keeps the box office record of the original film on its opening weekend. It also won the title of Hollywoods most lucrative film of the year by virtue of its good reputation and excellent market performance. In addition to continuing the original series of signboard style of laughter, this summers coming back Big Secret 2 will also incorporate more irreverent laughter, and at the same time will go deeper into the heart of the pet and listen to the secret voices of their hearts.

On July 5th, Big Secret 2 was released nationwide.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020