CCTV: More than 9,000 tons of state grain were stolen. Who dared to steal rat?

 CCTV: More than 9,000 tons of state grain were stolen. Who dared to steal rat?

Xiexi Grain Depot is a subordinate unit of the Food Bureau of Zhechengcheng District of Bozhou City, which consists of 13 grain stations. At the time of the incident, most of the 13 grain depot managers were related to Tan Xianhua, and there were even cases of retirement of parents and inheritance of their children on top duty. It is abnormal to regard the state grain depot as a private grain depot, but it is even more abnormal that no one cares about it. If it hadnt been for the surprise inspection in 2015, no one would have known about Tan Xianhuas self-theft. This highlights the powerlessness of regulation in the face of cronyism.

According to the relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Administration of the Central Grain Reserve, the procedure for using the State Grain Reserve is very strict and should be submitted to the State Council for approval. Such a rigorous procedure is seamless. However, facts have proved that Tan Xianhua had another way to steal grain. He simply bypassed the procedure and took advantage of the opportunity of the routine monthly inventory of the Agricultural Development Bank of China, the Grain Bureau and the Bozhou Grain Storage Depot. He raided a 1,000-ton or 2,000-ton sale, which was difficult to detect in a short time.

What is more strange is that the grain depot at that time was not installed and monitored. The incident occurred in 2015. In this era of complete monitoring in public areas, it is difficult to imagine that the grain stations where the national grain reserves are placed do not have monitoring equipment. Will it be dismantled with surveillance or ready to resell without installation?

Tan Xianhua spent all the money he gained from the sale of stolen grain on repaying his debts and running his private Hongyuan Mianyuan Company. In addition, Tan Xianhua also rented the grain depot privately and accounted for 3.3 million yuan of the rental income. According to people familiar with the situation, Tan Xianhuas personal rental situation is known to the relevant responsible person of the Food Bureau. Why dont you know? This cant help but raise questions. Is there an exchange of interests? These doubts are vague when dealing with cases, but now they must be clarified.