Significant Thousand and Thousand Searches Exposed to the Yellow Sea to Design Chinese Posters

 Significant Thousand and Thousand Searches Exposed to the Yellow Sea to Design Chinese Posters

Huang Hai, a poster designer, has previously painted posters for Miyazaki Hayaos film Dragon Cat and won unanimous praise at home and abroad. This two-time cooperation, more surprisingly called by the audience as immortal fate, released on the day of the hot search list triggered a heated debate. The two posters, with the themes of Keeping First Heart and Braving Forward, express good wishes for every child and properly convey the theme of the film.

The Wangwang poster is related to the inspiration of director Miyazaki Hayao to create Chihiro. He had expressed the hope that audiences would regain their old courage after watching the film. On the poster, he changed his weakness and marched forward bravely and resolutely. The beacon beside him and the silent companionship of Faceless Man and White Dragon at his feet imply that there are friends along the road of life without fear.

When I grow up, I really understand Qianxun and Qianxun? There are both beautiful love and parent-child education.

During the poster release, many audiences expressed that they had cried directly, because there were many places they didnt understand when they were young. As they grew up, they felt a lot when they looked back.

Fourthly, when we grow up, we understand that growth is really a train that goes only to and never returns, and that only we can accompany us to the end of the journey.

Thousand and Thousand Searches is an animation enlightenment of many post-90s and post-00s in China. Chinese audiences have special feelings for this film. Many people watched movies on DVD when they were young. This time, they can officially see Qianyuan on the big screen. Many viewers are very enthusiastic. Previously, there was a platform for advanced viewing, and all the tickets were sold out within 4 hours. Many viewers even said they were ready to make a second film after the show. There are also many small audiences who are now parents. Many people say that Thousand Searches is not only the Enlightenment of parents, but also hope to become the Enlightenment of more young people in China, teaching children to love and grow up.

The film Thousand Searches was imported by China Film Group Corporation, issued by China Film Co., Ltd. and translated by China Film Co., Ltd. The film will be released on June 21.

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