The 93-year-old Queen of England has nothing to do with Kate and Megan when shes in fashion.

 The 93-year-old Queen of England has nothing to do with Kate and Megan when shes in fashion.

Maybe some of the little friends will ask why they didnt celebrate their birthday on April 21.

Actually, its a traditional problem. Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday twice a year: one on April 21, the actual birthday, and the other on her official birthday, usually the second Saturday in June.

This rule was set by King George II of England in 1748. George II was born in November, but he felt that his annual birthday celebration could not be held in November because the weather was too cold.

Therefore, in order to facilitate the celebration of the subjects together, he combined his birthday celebration with the annual spring military parade, symbolically guarding the monarch in the ceremony celebrating the monarchs birthday.

This tradition continues to this day, with the Queens second birthday two days ago.

This years parade is as grand as ever.

Prince William and Princess Kates family appeared neatly

Princess Kate looks more gentle and elegant in Alexander McQueens goose yellow suit.

The flower hat comes from Philip Treacy. Is it familiar? This is what Princess Kate wore when she attended the wedding of Prince Megan and Harry last year.

Little Prince Louis, who was just over one year old, became the focus of attention. He waved and abandoned his face, which was super cute. It seemed that he was going to take over the burden of his brother Prince Georges expression bag.

Prince Harry and Princess Megan, who have just been promoted to their parents, look good, too.~

Megans dark blue dress was specially customized by Clare Waightkeller, creative director of Givenchy.

The Queens birthday is a major event, and all the relatives of the royal family are out. Princess Eugenie (right), Princess Beatrice (left) and her husband also attended the celebration.

And, of course, the Queens fans all over the world came to see her.

This time, the Queen was elegant and delicate in a light tweed suit, full of spiritual energy, enough light to cover all the people on the scene.

On her April birthday, the Queen wore a light blue print overcoat with a rose-red undercoat. The key point was that the color of the hat and the dress matched perfectly. She paid attention to the details.

As long as there is a place where the Queen is, speaking of elegance and calmness, absolutely no one can match her. And shes been so graceful for 93 years.

I. A Model of Living to Old and Beautiful to Old

The standard beauty embryo from childhood

Black-and-white photographs cant hide that innate temperament.

Not only is it beautiful with proper appearance, but also the clothes are as good as day after day for ten years. Yi Jie thinks that the Queen is really special. All the elements she likes are from young to old, and they are never influenced by age. They can be perfectly deduced at any time.

Broken Flower Dresses

Young queens like to wear flower dresses, Princess sleeves and waistband design more prominent girl flavor.

The style becomes more elegant after a little mature. The lotus leaf edge design on the chest increases the feminine tenderness. The pearl necklace matches perfectly.

But no matter what time, waist collection is always one of the essential details.~

Now the queen is more fond of the long sleeve style, looks more dignified, and more in line with the queens identity. ~As for the color, the queen who has the name of Grandma Rainbow is not afraid, no matter what the gorgeous color, to her body will become dressed up.

White fur

Luxurious white fur is also the Queens favorite. Whenever there are important occasions in winter, the Queen always chooses a white fur shawl and matches it with blingbling jewelry. It is luxurious, noble and full of air.

In fact, the Queen has been wearing it since she was a child, but it will be more lovely, and the air is a little inadequate.

Nowadays, it is still amazing to wear epithelial grass after several decades. With the increase of age, the air field shows its graceful and luxurious temperament.

Pure color coat

There is always only one choice for the Queens Jacket - simple pure color style. She has loved all kinds of pure color jackets since she was young, and then matched with a brooch or pearl necklace, which is concise without losing the sense of detail.

Even female stars cant control the fluorescent color well, they are obediently accepted by her.

The length of the coat is always just above the knee, which is what the top fashion icon should have: no matter how the fashion changes, always only recognize their style.

In 2012, VOGUE also compiled a picture of the Queen Rainbow, counting all the shapes of the Queen the year before, and the effect of alignment is shocking.

According to the Queens Style Team, the reason why the Queen dresses so brightly is that you can see her in the crowd at a glance.


I wonder if you have noticed that the Queens hat color corresponds to her coat every time.~

And not only is the color uniform so simple, sometimes according to the material of clothes, patterns, synchronous upgrade of hats.

Decorated with flowers, feathers and so on, exquisite and changeable


The Queens jewellery is too much to write, so Sister Yi simply introduces some of the more important things to you.~

The Crown of St. Edward, the Queens Crown when she was crowned

All of them are made of pure gold. 444 precious stones are inlaid on the crown, weighing 2.2 kilograms. The crown was originally made for the coronation of Charles II in 1661. Yi Jie felt that she should never bow her head because her neck would break.

The crown of the British Empire is about the same size as one.

This is what the Queen wears on every important occasion.

The crown is inlaid with 3,000 precious gems and a 317-carat super-large diamond shaft, which perfectly explains what is sparkling and lovely. But its a little lighter than the first one, 0.91 kilograms.

Sister Yi thinks that the Queens favorite one should be this one - wearing the Queens Crown of Great Britain and Ireland

They are worn at all ages.

The crown was a wedding gift given to Queen Mary in 1893 and later to the Queen when she got married.

How much does the Queen like it? Look at the pound. The Queen always wears it on important occasions such as drawing stamps and coin portraits.

The most special is the Crown of the Duchess of Russia

Whats special about this crown is that it can replace the pearls in it with emeralds.

You can also empty everything and leave nothing hanging. Queens have tried it. It looks good anyway.

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg, the Queen and the Russian striped crown.

King George IV

Modern sapphire crown and so on


Youre right. Its an umbrella. The Queen can even use her umbrella. Fulton, the largest umbrella manufacturer in the UK, is designed specifically for the Queen. The shape of the cage ensures that the head and shoulders are completely covered and not wetted.

Transparent material ensures vision and facilitates interaction between the Queen and the public.

And even the umbrella is not let go, carefully look at the color of the umbrella side is also in line with the clothing.


The logo on the bag will never change no matter how the clothes are changed.

Bags come from Launer, a long-standing handmade leather brand in Britain, which was founded in 1941. Since the Queen picked up Launers bag in 1977, it hasnt changed.

It is said that the Queen now has more than 200 Launer bags, has the Queens strong lead, brand sales are also soaring.

As for shoes, Anello & David handmade shoes have the highest appearance rate.

Anello & David started out as a dancing shoe maker, and the Beatles and Marilyn Monroe were loyal customers.

Although it is the color and height of thunder, but the Queen is not only a pair. According to Anello & David, they make one or two pairs of shoes for the Queen every year, costing 1,000 pounds each.

After each shoe is finished, a girl will try it on. Her feet are the same size and shape as the Queens. When she gets the shoes, she will put on socks, walk up and down on the carpet in new shoes, or take a short jog outdoors to make sure that the shoes dont rub her feet at all before she can wear them to the Queen.

Did you think that the Queens fashion tastes did not defeat Megan and Kate at all? And the status of Queens fashion icon is not just a matter of saying, even Guccis creative director has designed a series inspired by her?

So age is never the end of charm. I hope this lovely queen can live a long and healthy life and fight for another 30 years in fashion circle.

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