China has 316 million smoker media: its time to make cigarette boxes ugly

 China has 316 million smoker media: its time to make cigarette boxes ugly

Norwegian Minister of Health and Social Care Hoyer presented the Norwegian version of the paperback design of tobacco products to the media. Zhang Shuhui

Ms. Cao, a resident of Nanjing, recently found a nodule in her lungs during a physical examination. Doctors speculated that it might be mainly related to indoor tobacco pollution. Ms. Cao deeply agreed: I always smoke second-hand smoke, the unit does not have a special smoking area, as long as colleagues smoke, the office is particularly choking.

A large number of studies have shown that smoking (including passive smoking) is positively correlated with emphysema, pneumothorax and other lung diseases. In the most serious case of lung cancer, the report published by the National Cancer Center in 2018 shows that lung cancer ranks first in cancer incidence. But worryingly, the number of smokers in China is still increasing.

Among 316 million smokers, the proportion of smoking-related deaths among men aged 40 to 79 doubled, and more than 700 million smoked secondhand smoke. The problem of tobacco control in China is imminent. On the issue of tobacco control, in addition to the conventional propaganda of smoking is harmful to health, some details should also be concerned, such as the packaging of cigarette boxes.

A Wire of Fragrance and Infinite Elegance: Delusions of Exquisite Packaging

In our country, although under the compulsory requirements of relevant departments, smoking boxes are printed with health warning signs of smoking is harmful to health, the font of warning words is generally small and will not be printed in conspicuous places. At the same time, the packaging of cigarette boxes is exquisite, which easily eliminates the due role of warning words.

Taking the Yunjin pattern as the background and the famous scenic spot Huanghe Tower as the symbol... At present, the domestic market is flooded with well-packed cigarettes. Some are named after landmarks such as Huangshan and Zhongnanhai, others are wrapped with non-relics, calligraphy and paintings to highlight their taste, and others are even printed with the words upward every day and small goal to give people the illusion that smoking is positive upward.

Half a month, the reporter interviewed several smoking boys randomly near a middle school. They said they often smoked the cigarettes of Every Day Up and Small Target, because the packaging was printed with cartoon designs and popular phrases such as Young people dont stay up all night and Our journey is the Star Sea, which made them feel very fashionable.

Nowadays, the packaging of cigarette boxes is becoming more and more dazzling. As thefacadeof tobacco, it will attract many people, especially young people, to smoke. Its bad for the health of teenagers. Zhang Wei, president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, told reporters in a half-month interview.

Connect with the international standards and make beautiful cigarette boxes ugly

Printing graphic warnings on cigarette boxes is an extremely effective and low-cost warning measure, which can clearly and clearly convey the health risks of smoking to the public, and people with lower education can understand it. Chen Jingyu, deputy president of Wuxi Peoples Hospital, said that, driven by interests, manufacturers were reluctant to highlight health warning signs on cigarette boxes, let alone print warning graphics on them.

Chinese experts in tobacco control, some NPC deputies and CPPCC members began calling for the printing of warning graphics 10 years ago. The more intuitive and impacting the cigarette box design, the better it is to add the pathological changes of the lungs, rotten teeth, perforated throat and even skeleton patterns to the cigarette box design. Huashucheng, Dean of Bethune First Hospital of Jilin University, said that smokers should be aware of the dangers of smoking as soon as they pick up their cigarette packs.

The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control has entered into force domestically in 2016. It clearly stipulates that parties should adopt laws and implement effective measures within three years after the entry into force of the Convention to ensure the use of large, clear, visible and clear health warning graphics and words in cigarette packages, and that they should be used in rotation, with graphical area accounting for 50% or more.

Currently, 118 countries and jurisdictions around the world have decided that tobacco packaging should adopt graphic warning requirements, covering 58% of the worlds population. China, the worlds largest tobacco producer and smoker, has yet to implement this measure.

The New Probe Health Development Research Center published a survey on the perception of tobacco packaging graphical warning. 91% of respondents believed that graphical warning packages could tell tobacco hazards directly. 81% of respondents said that graphical warning is more specific than text warning and 72% of minor students said that they would not try to smoke if graphical warning packages were used. u3002

Several experts suggested that the State Health and Health Commission should be entrusted by the inter-ministerial coordination mechanism for tobacco control and implementation to design the packaging of tobacco products. Other relevant departments, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (China Tobacco Corporation), should be responsible for the implementation of the packaging, so as to achieve the printing of large graphic warnings on all cigarette products as soon as possible.

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