Princess of Saudi Arabias bullying decorator will be tried: forcing her to kiss her feet

 Princess of Saudi Arabias bullying decorator will be tried: forcing her to kiss her feet

Princess Hasas mansion is located on Fuyu Avenue, 16th District of Paris. (Parisians)

Overseas Network June 14, Saudi Princess Hassabint Salman, previously ordered bodyguards in Paris, France, to beat up decoration workers, causing a sensation. According to French media, Hasa will receive a French judicial trial on July 9.

According to the reports of the French weekly Viewpoint and the Parisian newspaper, the beating of French decoration workers took place on September 26, 2016. Princess Hasa hired decorators to renovate her mansion on Fuyu Avenue in the 16th District of Paris. The decorators took photos in the apartment. Hasa was furious and ordered the bodyguards to beat the decorators.

The decorator explained that he only took pictures to put everything back in place after the renovation, but the princess did not listen to his self-defense, not to say that he wanted to sell the photos to the media to make money and shouted for the bodyguard to kill him. The Princess ordered the bodyguard to tie up the decorators hands. She also forced the decorator to kiss her feet and torture her for hours before releasing her, but confiscated all the decorators tools.

After the incident, Princess Hasa was taken away by the police, but because she enjoyed diplomatic immunity, she was released two hours later and returned to Saudi Arabia. In October 2016, Princess Hasas bodyguards were charged with illegal imprisonment, theft (mobile phones), death threats, armed violence crimes and so on. In December 2017, the French judiciary issued an international arrest warrant for Princess Hasa. In August 2018, the investigating judge decided to prosecute Princess Hasa on a number of charges, including conspiracy to imprison illegally, armed threat, violent crime and theft (mobile phone).

Born in 1974, Princess Hasa is the only daughter of King Salman of Saudi Arabias 13 children and the sister of Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman. After the French bullying incident, it caused a sensation. The major media in France and Britain have published headlines to pay attention to it.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647