Dont follow the mistakes made by women stars who wear wrong pants and weigh 10 kilograms!

 Dont follow the mistakes made by women stars who wear wrong pants and weigh 10 kilograms!

Its nothing new for a female star to be in hot search because of her good figure, but this time its because shes in the support of her teammate Lunas concert. Many netizens think that shes out of shape and her legs are much thicker.

But take a closer look, compared with the lightest period of her previous years, the change is not exaggerated as much as the netizens have talked about. Its just a little lax in body management when the intensity of work is not so tight.

The sparkling crystal will not sleep all the time. Five years later, Zheng Xiujing and her sister Zheng Xiuyan finally got together again and went to San Francisco to shoot the second season of Jessica & Krystal. Appear at the airport harvesting countless Films, Zhengs sisters new routine release let people not look forward to!

A little round Zheng Xiujings face value is still as usual online, how are all small cute right. But if she wants to be perfect all the time, maybe next time she picks up her pants, she should have a little more mind...

Zheng Xiujing was defeated by a pair of trousers, telling us that the choice of trousers is simply not too important!

The pants that look beautiful become a failure Buyer show when they are put on by themselves. Maybe you think your leg line is not perfect enough and you only cover them with a long skirt. Wearing trousers always exposes shortcomings, most of which are caused by improper format.

Today let Sister Ba take you seriously to choose one, there will always be one for you.

Baby who walks with wind and hides meat

Its a pear shape favorite, right?

For girls with pear shape, it is particularly important to weaken the weight and sense of existence of the lower body. Broad-legged pants are the choice you cant miss.

Broad trousers provide invisible space for the legs, ventilated and ventilated, making it completely invincible in hot summer.

But for a typical pear shape, buttocks and thighs accumulate more fat, so you need to choose a broad-legged pants, is a waist and thigh roots cut loose high-waist broad-legged pants.

Avoid thighs and buttocks too tight style, your hip width is no longer cumbersome, there will be no embarrassment like little lovely Zheng Xiujing.

The pear-shaped body is relatively slender, and can be matched with a CropTop that reveals the waist line to balance the weight. Narrow waist and buttocks are as simple as that.

Remember to give the crotch a certain accommodation space and loose space, in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

Is the apple belly too annoying?

Blurred waist vision helps you develop your strengths and avoid your weaknesses

Broad-legged pants are good, but for an apple-shaped girl without a waist, it doesnt have to be too persistent. Because its better for you to use neutral shorts to show your slender legs.

The prominent feature of the apple shape fits perfectly with the shape of high-waist shorts, revealing the slim legs to the greatest extent, and hiding the waist in the space given by the loose shorts.

At the same time, choose the high waist style to raise the waist line. The legs are all below the chest, which means the magic of high waist shorts. Stylistically, it is also highly adaptable.

In addition, shorts are only a small part of the whole body, so even full leather fabrics are not too exaggerated. It seems that some over fabrics bring a strong sense of modernity.

But recently very red bicycle jeans shorts, although special, are actually difficult to control, because they can shrink thighs visually, but appear to have no curve at the waist.

But! If its sports bicycle trousers, as long as you wear a jacket that can cover the waist and hip length, you can rest assured to wear them.

The knack of lean bamboo poles without matches

Tool pants add points for air field

Although we still agree that thin is beautiful, in fact, thin body also has many problems. A good pair of trousers can solve problems like too thin and lack of curves.

Here we have to mention the overalls. If you dont wear them properly, they will easily appear bulky, but the lean figure is just right.

The characteristics of overalls are distinct, and the wider trousers can bring a distinct street feeling.

The waist and trousers feet are often tightened, revealing a small waist while widening the crotch, showing a slender ankle, visually increasing the weight of the lower body, but will not appear sloppy.

In addition to ordinary overalls, even the figure is more handsome.

And for the jumpsuits, it is also important to leave some room for them to look good. The bony figure can create a slightly relaxed wearing effect.

Of course, because the waistline itself has been fixed, taller girls will be more suitable for even body size, fit tailoring will make the slender waist and long legs more outstanding Oh ~

Choose the right trousers, the shortcomings of the body are all automatic invisibility, choose the wrong minutes embarrassing to want to invisibility. Get rid of your unfit trousers and replace them with the ones that suit you best.

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