E-commerce 6.18 may not use today only or other forms of promotions.

 E-commerce 6.18 may not use today only or other forms of promotions.

Several departments in Beijing gave centralized administrative guidance and business tips to 16 e-commerce enterprises on the 14th.

New Beijing News (reporter Chen Lin) e-commerce enterprises 6.18 mid-year promotional activities are coming. On June 14, Beijing Municipal Market Regulatory Bureau, Market Price Regulatory Bureau and Municipal Consumption Association conducted centralized administrative guidance and operational tips on the mid-June 18 promotional activities of 16 e-commerce enterprises, such as Tianmao, Jingdong, Suning Yunshang, Mei Tuan and todays headlines.

The Marketing Department of Beijing Price Supervision Bureau said that selling goods and providing services on the Internet should be priced clearly according to law. Price content should be authentic, clear and eye-catching, and price changes should be adjusted in time. No goods may be sold at an additional price than the marked price, and no fees shall be charged for not being marked.

It is forbidden to deceive or induce consumers to trade by using false or misleading pricing forms or price means.

For example, the fictitious original price, marked original price is false, fabricated, not the lowest transaction price within seven days before the promotion, or has never had a transaction record. Similar concepts such as original price, original price, transaction price shall not be used in promoting unsold commodities.

Secondly, when using price comparison with other operators or other sales formats to carry out promotional activities, the meaning of the comparated price is not accurately indicated, or the comparated price has no source basis. There are price commitments before selling (including pre-sale) goods and providing services, which are not fulfilled or not fully fulfilled. False discount, marked price before discount or calculated by actual transaction price and discount range before discount is higher than the original price.

At the same time, it is forbidden to use false language such as today only, todays special offer, tomorrows price increase or other deceptive and misleading language, words and pictures to induce customers to buy.

It is forbidden to sell goods or provide services, solicit customers at low prices and settle accounts at high prices; when selling goods or providing services with additional conditions, it is not necessary to label or vaguely label price additional conditions; when selling goods or providing services by way of out-of-price gifts, it is better to label the name, quantity of gifts or gifts as fake and inferior goods.

New Beijing News reporter Chen Lin edited Yu Yin to proofread Liu Baoqing

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056