How can people who hate be punished?

 How can people who hate be punished?

I just graduated one year ago. I feel that my colleagues live in harmony like classmates and are not good at quarrelling.

I dont know what the Generals sister thinks about it. Or how to get along with colleagues with this personality?

But as for such colleagues, they are too harsh, unreasonable and aggressive. As you said, they are strong and arrogant. You already know what kind of person they are. The best way is to try not to be different.

Stay away and dont get entangled too much. A quarrel or entanglement with such a person will only cost you more.

But I dont think its negative tolerance. On the contrary, its the best expression of wisdom in interpersonal relationships.

So you dont have to quarrel with him at all. Hell eat his own cake.

His criticism and abuse of you will only make others hate him more and sympathize with you more, but if you quarrel with him for this, people will easily look down on you.

Finally, there is no lasting harmony between colleagues and classmates. It is also an important lesson to learn how to face conflicts. We should have such psychological preparation. Come on!