Raptors gambled all the centuries and won

 Raptors gambled all the centuries and won

Raptors have inherent disadvantages in the market: players are reluctant to join even at higher prices. All the players in the team basically come from the team training or trading arrival, but after a bad series of games, everyone is depreciating, at this time the initiative to change, the difficulty can be imagined.

Ujeris first move: to sign a three-year contract with chief assistant Nass. The former Development League snake coach, who has never coached in the NBA, took over the Eastern Powerful Team as soon as he took office. At that time, there were many questions about the novice coach: the Raptors are mainly training this year?

But this is no longer the focus of Ujeris consideration. He is planning a bigger goal: for many years, because the Raptors have been in the free market, they have always piled playerssalaries to a very high position, and each main force has been tied up for a long time. Guarantee the lower limit, but also firmly imprisoned the upper limit: all-out Raptors can not gnaw a victory from the knights, but also want to rush out of the east?

Leonards imposition created a glimmer of life for Ujeri, even though he had just made a non-tradable promise with Drogzen. When the Spurs started accepting offers from teams, the Raptors didnt even have a tentative offer, so they gave Drogzanga the initial chips for the first round. The Raptors had the most sincerity than the Lakers, the 76ers and the Knicks who wanted to take advantage of it, but the remote environment was the advantage: the Spurs wanted Leonard to go as far away as possible.

Drosan considered himself a victim

The two sides quickly reached their initial intentions: Leonard exchanged Drogzan and the future first round, the Spurs picked 9 Show Perter - Ujery left 27 Showcase in the same year, not so much to look forward to the future, but rather to his early affinity in Africa, but looking back at this time, Ujery won the second choice, or even completely upgraded. The upper limit of the dragon.

At the same time, Raptors forcibly left behind the original version of Leonard OG-Anunobi. They ignored the Spursposition demands and regarded Anunobi as a stand-in for Leonards rotation next season. To this end, the Raptors took over tens of millions of garbage contracts that looked like the end of their lives, Danny Green-Drosan, Perter, the 2019 Seoul Round (top 20 protection) in exchange for Leonard, Danny Green and $5 million in cash. u3002 In the whispers of running for a year around the world, the Raptor cautiously acquired Leonard and mobilized all the strength of the city and even the whole country to meet all his needs.

Leonard said to me,How are you going to use me? Do you have a specific plan? Where can I catch the ball? What about the specific roles? Nass recalled his first conversation. I didnt expect him to talk to me on his own initiative, which made me less stressed. I said to him,For me, you can do anything, you can play low singles, you can break through, you can hold the ball, you can block and dismantle, you can cover low position, we will find others to share the pressure you want to do, we will not let you take all the responsibility, but we need you, you are the trump card of the team, you need to lead others forward.

Nass made him understand how much the Raptors valued him, and at the same time clearly pointed out the attitude of building teams around him and sharing pressure with him. This made Leonard feel the rare warmth in the whirlpool of public opinion. For Raptors, there are only two tasks to follow: retaining Leonard and achieving good results - both of which are actually one thing after all.

At the start of Nassrookie season, it was also Ujeris time to withstand the greatest pressure: Did Drogba agree that replacing healthy Leonard must be an upgrade? Nobody knows how Leonard is doing now. At the same time, he also bears the title of cold-blooded general manager. Tens of millions of eyes were fixed on the Raptors, and there were never a few people who wanted to see their jokes: Drozan and Pertel went to the Spurs; Casey took office in the Pistons; the Bucks in the East sprang up suddenly, plus Celtics and 76 people. It was very difficult for the Raptors to kill the East.

The 12 wins in the first 13 games did not relieve them. Instead, three consecutive defeats were repeatedly questioned: the Raptors won eight games without Leonard, and the Spurs defeated Leonard. Nass, who has never had NBA coaching experience, has no other reference. Was he the first player, Valancunas or Ibaka? Its like hes guessing coins every time, and trying to find the secret of guessing every time.

But in other positions, the employer has undoubtedly saved Nass and Ujeri: Siakam has emerged as the most powerful assistant behind the double stars, and the fastest player of the year has basically come to the rescue; Danny Green has rebounded to the bottom and returned to the starting line of the top 3D team, which also minimizes the pressure on Leonards defensive end. And Leonard, the real core of the team, doesnt need to carry the team like Harden or Alphabet - as Nass promised him: hes an absolute trump card, but he doesnt need to burden himself with more.

With the arrival of Gasol, the Raptors formed a defensive barrel formation.

What we value is Marks experience, he can help young players in the team, Ujeri said. More importantly, his desire for championship will give him the maximum energy.

When Van Fleet hit 11 irons in the playoffs and the overall hit rate was just over 20%, the Raptors staked their bets on him. As a result, Van Jordan once again made the Raptors a winner with the help of God.

When Nass insisted on using Van Fleet, he was once mocked by fans as Van Fleets son.

When Leonard came up with the data of the Mononuclear Leadership of the King of Canberra, people should also think of the silent support Nass and Ujeri gave him. At this time last year, 17 people were in the team, while only 7 people stayed. Such a massive exchange of blood has created such a United Championship team. Last year, it seemed impossible for the Raptors to win the championship, but they did: they won the OBrien Cup the first time they reached the finals.

When the best coach of the year was fired, the best season when the star ranked first in team history swept him out and replaced 10 people, from a team swept out to a championship.

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