Flashing Light today shocked the first von Timo to go online to send trench gifts

 Flashing Light today shocked the first von Timo to go online to send trench gifts

Feng Timo, who has infinite energy in her small body, a sense of vigor and strength and a sweet voice, never carelessly loves things. She is lovely in the broadcasting room and charming in the stage. Criticism is never a hindrance. The leader of the Buddhist Family is determined to move forward, shining with concentration. Liver Protector Hand Tour, Focused on Leisure Placement, Comes with Flashing Light! ___________ What kind of adventure story will this newly-promoted high priest deduce? We might as well look forward to it together!

Timothy Welfare Officer went online and the whole nation scrambled for the first trench ceremony.

Timothys sweet voice sang the theme song fresh on the line

Sweet voice with fresh minor, what kind of chemical reactions will happen when a young girl meets a Buddhist swimmer? As unremitting dreamers, when Feng Timo sings his dream, we seem to see ourselves chasing the glimmer in the darkness, still stubbornly embracing the front in sweat and tears, marching forward bravely and fearlessly. Buddhist captain Feng Timo wrapped himself in dreams and grew strong in gossip. Please firmly grasp what Buddhist teenagers treasure! May the melody of Flashing Light dissipate the heat and the haze in your heart.

Buddhist games, serious life. Flashing Light to create a leisure second world for you, but also to prepare you for the bloody battle stage. This summer, Captain Timothy invited you to take a risk. Come on, Flash of Light, and call the gods together! ____________

[Focus on the Official Public Number] @Glittering Light Tour, novice strategy, many benefits, please look forward to!

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