Chinese men dont deserve Chinese women?

 Chinese men dont deserve Chinese women?

1. Girlsposts are always answered by a lot of people and most of them are praised, while boys posts are almost non-existent (unless they are exceptionally good in all respects, excellence to the kind of people we cant see in our lives).

2. Girls always have all kinds of reasons to ask men to be excellent, while boys basically require girls to be cheerful, gentle, generous and other words that a casual person can use to cover themselves, about equal to no requirement.

The reason why a girl under 165 or even 160 should find a 180 + bottom line 178 is that Im so short, I have to find a high improvement gene. If Im tall, I should be pulled down by you.

(4) A girl graduated from a famous university wants to find a better one, at least a masters degree. The reason is that I am afraid that two people in a non-famous school do not have a common language. Therefore, they are not only discriminated in the workplace, but also in the love field. What are the strengths of these schools? Close the door? But what is the average degree in China? How many 985?

_An ugly girl wants to find a handsome man for the reason that I dont accept rebuttal if I look beautiful, Im not in control. First you think about how an ugly boy would respond if he publicly expressed his desire to find a beautiful woman. Then you can see what your request looks like in other peoples eyes.

To sum up, it is:

Girls with poor conditions need to find a girl with good conditions who is not worse than herself (or better), coupled with countless licking dogs, so that girls generally self-evaluation beyond their actual level of 1-2, and then to imagine the corresponding level of boys, which makes qualified boys become scarce, you use your brains to think about such a boys body. Is there a shortage of girls? Its going to take multiple doors to clip their brains before they can desperately go online to find someone, and then look at you?

Source of this article: Three-inch Sunshine Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647