I tell you what girls fear all their lives.

 I tell you what girls fear all their lives.

There are even many self-Media titles: What kind of person is Zhang Yingying. It seems that they want to imply something.

But I really dont care what the deceased did before he died. I just hope that the murderer must be brought to justice.


Its no use saying, How should girls be careful when they go out?

The latest Indian film Revenge of a Mother and the Korean film Dont Cry Mom in 2012 all express such a strong sentence:

In the face of such distressing events, we always educate girls to go out and protect themselves, and it is better to reduce going out.

Why do these fears and worries have to be borne by girls alone?

While watching the news, some netizens in the commentary area shared the lyrics of a song:

In fact, in many cases of womens murder, it can not be seen that the woman committed the taboo. She wore a lot of clothes, walked late, and did not walk alone - but suffered tragically.

Similar cases can be found all over the world (this case happened in the United States).

The so-called let women improve their self-prevention consciousness is by no means the key to solving the problem.

Compared with educating women to pay more attention to self-prevention, what we should do is to educate more men not to be an animal.

Of course, the male prisoners in this case are not the ones who can teach well without education.

The suspect in the case had received higher education


How horrible is random killing?

Thus, random killings on the streets are all Chinese and foreign. The murderers transcend different countries and present the darkest side of human nature together.

These random killings took place in broad daylight. The murderers did not intend to hide themselves. They were in the crowds of people in the street.

Unless we have a pair of eyes on our back, it wont call you Run in advance.

Because not only women, but also men and children are the targets of random killing, which is the same danger faced by all law-abiding citizens.

Therefore, before we can find an effective way to eradicate this indiscriminate crime, the only thing we can do is not to encourage the spirit of the perpetrators. This is also a kind of secondary injury to the victims.

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