The most expensive real-name report in history? Grees two-day market value evaporated more than 15 billion yuan, and Oxs share price collapsed

 The most expensive real-name report in history? Grees two-day market value evaporated more than 15 billion yuan, and Oxs share price collapsed

The most expensive real-name report in history? Grees market value evaporated 15 billion yuan

The companys share price was the first to fall. For two consecutive days, Gree Electric fell 5%. For a 300 billion giant, its market value evaporated more than 15 billion yuan.

The latest news shows that at 7 p.m. on June 12, Gree made another announcement through its official microblog. The announcement said: Our company will continue to purchase the related air conditioning products produced by Ox Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. through various channels, and provide free testing to any qualified institutions through its own laboratories, authoritative third-party testing institutions, and welcomes supervision and witness from all walks of life. ????

It is reported that in order to alleviate consumersdoubts, Ox has now submitted to the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration to appoint an authoritative testing agency to supervise and test Ox products, and the testing report will be released to the public in time.

However, after the announcement, Oxford International, a Hong Kong-listed company owned by Oxford Air Conditioner Group, collapsed, falling 19% in the market.

Yesterday, Ox Air Conditioner, through the media voiced a call for national brands in the trade war to be consistent with the outside world slogan, has also been mercilessly exposed. It has been at least eight years since the family members of Zheng Jianjiang, the accuser of Oaks, either immigrated or obtained the right of permanent residence abroad.

Why did Grey report Oaks?

On June 10, Gree Electric reported to the State Administration of Market Supervision that its competitor Ox produced and sold unqualified air conditioning products. In addition to listing specific unqualified product models, the announcement also disclosed that according to the TOP20 model ranking data of China air conditioning e-commerce market published by Oviyun. com, only KFR-25GWNEW+3 and KFR-35GWNEW+3 models had online retail sales of 1.671 billion yuan and sales of nearly one million sets in 2018.

In response to Gelis report, the official Weibo of Ox Air Conditioning issued a statement about the report of Geli Electrical Appliances, saying that Gelis report was untrue and had been reported to the public security organs.

Earlier, Zhongyikang released its first quarter air conditioning market report in 2019. In the online market, Gree, the industrys leading retailer, ranked third, accounting for less than half of the first beauty; in the retail dimension, it was even worse. Grees air conditioner retail volume was less than half of the second Oaks, which was just more than a third of the United States. Similarly, in the online and offline market, the retail volume dimension, the United States is also strong, ranking first.

According to the latest data from Ovi Cloud, Ox ranked first in retail share of air conditioning e-commerce market in China in 2018, accounting for 26.02% of retail sales, with an average price of 2720 yuan. By contrast, the retail sales of the United States accounted for 23.37%, the average price was 3104 yuan, the retail sales of Gree accounted for 22.12%, and the average price was 3886 yuan.

The latest quarterly report of Gree Electric Appliances may show the fatigue of the home appliance giant. In the first quarter, the companys revenue increased by 2.49% and its net profit increased by 1.62%.

Does the above data mean that Gree Electric will be facing competition from other manufacturers at the same time as the scale rush of Gree Electric in 2019 is coming to an end?