No one called the parents who missed the entrance examination to denounce the inadequate management of the school.

 No one called the parents who missed the entrance examination to denounce the inadequate management of the school.

Listen to School Arrangements

Hearing the news, Ms. Hong was shocked and rushed to the entrance examination hall of No. 3 Middle School in Xianxian County. Outside the examination hall, Ms. Hong saw Xiao Gong, her despondent son. She was so angry that she took hold of Xiao Gong and scolded her. Ms. Hong then told the school teachers and the invigilator that, in view of the discipline of the college entrance examination, Xiaogong finally failed to enter the examination room.

Before the college entrance examination, we obeyed the schools arrangement and paid 750 yuan for the childrens accommodation and catering fees during the examination. Teachers also repeatedly advised parents not to accompany the examination so as to avoid pressure on the children. Ms. Hong said that she did not expect to trust the school completely, which in the end delayed her sons college entrance examination.

I fell asleep during my lunch break and nobody called.


Parents Before Examination

750 yuan as required by the school

Ms. Hong told reporters that her son, Xiao Gong, had read into the Third Middle School of Xianxian County before, and usually liked to play with mobile phones, which was more naughty. In order to better educate and manage children, Ms. Hong transferred Xiaogong to Xishan School in Jiangxi Province in the first half of 2017. In two and a half years, she has paid more than 80,000 yuan in tuition and living expenses.

On April 19 this year, Tang Sibao, a school worker, issued a notice in the parentsgroup asking parents of the third grade to pay 750 yuan for three days accommodation, fare and meals in the college entrance examination. Ms. Hong said that out of confidence in the management of the school, she transferred the 750 yuan fee to Tang Sibao by Wechat that night, and did not follow the teachers advice during the college entrance examination.


The school refused to take responsibility.

It said that the charges included only accommodation and meals.

On June 11, the reporter accompanied Ms. Hong to Xishan School in Jiangxi Province to learn about the situation. A staff member surnamed Li confirmed that the 750 yuan fee paid by senior three students is required by the school to provide students with room and board during the college entrance examination, to remind the examinees and organize the examination.

Since the school has the responsibility of reminding and managing, now something has happened, why not take the responsibility? Thats what Ms. Hong said. Subsequently, the Li staff changed their name to say that the 750 yuan fee only includes accommodation and meals for students, and denied that there were loopholes in school management.

The reporter contacted Tang Sibao by telephone. Tang Sibao said that on the afternoon of June 6, the candidates led by him stayed at the Huangting Hotel in Xianxian County. The hotel is about 1 kilometer away from the examination room of No. 3 Middle School in Jinxian County. It only takes ten minutes to walk. At about 1:40 p.m. on the 8th, Xiao Gongs classmates in the same room called him, but Xiao Gong ignored him. I knocked on Xiaogongs door myself, but no one answered. At about 1:50 p.m., other candidates had gathered downstairs. Tang Sibao arranged the monitor to knock on Xiaogongs door, but no one answered. Since the English test requires candidates to enter the examination room before 2:45 p.m., in order not to delay the time of other candidates, he can only lead other candidates to the examination room on foot.

Tang Sibao said that senior three students are adults and should be responsible for their actions. There are no problems in school management.


Educational and Sports Bureau of Jinxian County

On the afternoon of June 11, the reporter came to Jinxian County Education and Sports Bureau for information. Zhang, a staff member of the Bureaus supervisory department, told reporters that the relevant person in charge of Xishan School in Jiangxi Province had submitted relevant materials to the Bureau of Education and Sports. At present, the bureau is verifying the relevant situation, and it is temporarily unable to confirm which party is responsible for the incident.

Before the press release on June 12, Ms. Hong told reporters that until now the school has not given a specific statement. Ms. Hong believes that this has an impact on childrens studies. Xishan School should fulfill its managerial responsibilities in a reasonable way, rather than simply shirking its responsibilities. In view of this matter, our newspaper will continue to pay attention to it.