The courier checked that the phone had been complained of swallowing 40 sleeping pills to protect dignity

 The courier checked that the phone had been complained of swallowing 40 sleeping pills to protect dignity

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The courier called to verify the complaint

After Yang Jun was discharged from hospital, he told Red Star News, These two days, the news reports said that Yuantong courier knelt because of the loss of a mango, and the police issued a strong certificate. I am very touched by this. I hope that with my own story, those courier colleagues who have been maliciously complained will be able to stand up with dignity.

Yang Jun told Red Star News that he was an employee of Shunfeng Express and was responsible for large deliveries. During the Dragon Boat Festival, due to the holidays of colleagues, three people are usually responsible for the distribution area, and only one person is responsible for it. On June 8, when he dispatched a four-piece sofa package from Langfang, Hebei Province to the local area, I couldnt get in touch with the recipients telephone number on the waybill because it was one digit short, so I called the sender on the waybill to inquire about it.

Yang Jun said that after receiving the phone call, the other side had a very bad attitude. After a period of abuse, the other side asked Yang Jun to provide the waybill number. At that time, I was driving on the way to deliver the goods, I couldnt immediately inquire the number, and at that time it was noon and the warehouse was closed, so I couldnt find it.

However, before he got home, Yang Jun received a call from Shunfeng Company and asked Yang Jun to go to the company for an interview. I knew then that I had been complained about.

After arriving at the company, the leader told Yang Jun that some customers complained about Yang Juns cursing, but after the call recording was transferred, it was found that Yang Jun did not curse, but the customers were cursing Yang Jun. But the company still decided to deduct 5 administrative points from me and transfer me from my current area as a punishment. Yang Jun explained that the company stipulates that each Shunfeng Express has 20 administrative points after entering the post. When the points are deducted, the employees will leave their posts.

According to a complaint acceptance document provided by Yang Jun, the Red Star journalist saw that the complaint was caused by inappropriate speech (including abuse) and the result was: The following requirements should be made for attitude problems: 1. The employees and supervisors who have caused the problems must apologize at their doors; 2. The report of staff interview and rectification should be read out at the morning regular meeting by the problematic employees and provide all photos; 3. Attitude problems. Ten copies of defining standards are copied, and paper files are related to the self-preservation of distribution stations. 4. Branches/distribution stations give suggestions to problem employees, and the lowest standard is regional exchange.

Yang Jun did not want to be transferred from the original work area. They changed me to a new area, which is an old residential area with a narrow road. I was also responsible for dispatching large pieces. The cars are too big to get in at all. In doing so, they simply forced me to resign in disguise.

He couldnt think of taking 40 sleeping pills.

Usually, we have to report our resignation to the unit one month in advance, but this time I proposed to resign, and the next day I went to the unit to go through the formalities. Yang Jun said.

When I woke up, it was the next afternoon. I saw my brother beside me. He told me that the people from Shunfeng Company had also come. According to a chat screenshot provided by Yang Jun with a manager of Shunfeng Company, the manager advised Yang Jun to find a new job. Yang Jun responded to the manager and said, You Shunfeng can not maintain the dignity of employees, I can use various ways to get justice.

A colleague of Yang Jun confirmed his suicide by taking sleeping pills to the Red Star journalist: I rushed to the hospital that night and saw that Yang Jun had just washed his stomach, but he was still awake.

Yang Jun told Red Star News, A client who complains maliciously like this will complain to me today and will continue to complain to other couriers tomorrow.

Shunfeng Company:

It is verified that if employees are infringed, the company will fight for them.

The staff member said that Shunfeng is a service-oriented enterprise, if employeesservice attitude is not good, there will be penalties; but if employees are infringed, the company will also fight for its interests.

Up to submission, Zhang Mou, who complained about Yang Juns shipper in Langfang, Hebei Province, never answered the phone.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Qian Juanxiao_NBJ10675