Taiwanese Retired General: Cai Yingwen should assure the villagers that there can be no war in Taiwan

 Taiwanese Retired General: Cai Yingwen should assure the villagers that there can be no war in Taiwan

Cai Ying (Taiwan Media)

Overseas Network, June 14, recently, Cai Yingwens statement about the Taiwanese Army continued to ferment. She publicly declared that the Taiwanese Army used to be with the Kuomintang and not close to the Democratic Progressive Party. After two or three years in power, it used to communicate and cooperate with the military. Now the army is as united as we. He also said that we must guard Taiwan Yunyun. In this regard, a retired Taiwanese general called Cai Ying, You should assure the villagers that the war will never hit Taiwans mainland, and their children will never be thrown into war, rather than put some other ambitious words into it.

According to Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Daily on June 11, Cai Yingwen recently talked about national defense governance under a big tree in Jiayi, drawing criticism from public opinion on the island. Lan Ningli, a 74-year-old retired naval lieutenant general, said Cais intention was to say that the Taiwanese army had two minds before she came to power. It was hard to believe that such slander originated from the leaders of Taiwan.

Lan Ningli criticized that the Taiwanese Army had two minds, fearing that they had two minds. She has not always talked about Taiwan or vaguely about sovereignty. Only those who want to engage in Taiwan independence will change their ways to play word games; only those who have two hearts will feel that they are outsiders with different feathers, as if everyone is on guard against you. If you feel that the Taiwanese Army is now as united as we, then the problem is big.

Source: Taiwan Media

So why does Cai Ying think that the attitude of the Taiwanese Army has changed in the past three years since he came to power? Lanningli said frankly that it was because a few high-ranking officers had found out what she liked and let the soldiers throw in their favor under the armys show-field style. As Commander-in-Chief of the Three Armies, when Cai Yingwen sees all the satisfaction, she should be careful rather than happy.

He also shouted to Cai Yingwen, Facing the villagers under the big tree, their childrens life and death are between your thoughts. You should assure the villagers that the war will never strike the mainland of Taiwan, and that their children will never be thrown into the war, instead of putting some other words in their minds.

Taiwanese Army Exercise (Source: Taiwanese Media)

Kuomintang spokesman Hong Mengkai responded through Facebook on the 9th. As a leader of Taiwan, Cai Yingkai used such incitement words to divide the army and deliberately mislead the people with false information. With such a commander-in-chief of the three armies, Taiwan really does not need the enemy, because the biggest enemy is to destroy unity and divide Cai Yingkai from you and me.

Hon Hai Chairman Guo Taiming also said on Facebook on November 11 that the target of Taiwanese armys concentricity is not the Democratic Progressive Party, let alone Cai Yingwen. The China Times commented that Cais political party ideology in his speech was a breath of breath. She reveals that the DPPs good to the soldiers was originally intended to turn the army into a party army and an army of the DPP. It is self-evident what the purpose is.

Since taking office, Cai Ying has refused to recognize the 1992 Consensus and frequently entered and left the Taiwanese Army, advocating the Continental Threat Theory and even hyped the cross-strait war. In this regard, the National Taiwan Office has repeatedly pointed out that resistance to unification by force is a dead end.

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