Hong Kong Police Return to Disband the Rioters

 Hong Kong Police Return to Disband the Rioters

I Sheshiman himself patriotic Hong Kong! I dont want to be over-interpreted by people who care. Thank you! At 23:59 p.m. on the 13th, Hong Kong actress She Shiman sent out such a micro-blog.

She said that when she returned from work late one day and night, she habitually browsed her friends Instagram and praised him when she saw the work of an acquainted photographer. She was shocked when she found the content of the photo, so she immediately withdrew some praise.

So what on earth did she mispraise?

According to Xinhua News Agency, riots broke out in the Jinzhong area where the government headquarters and the Legislative Council Building of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are located on December 12.

The Legislative Council of the HKSAR was scheduled to meet at 11:00 on December 12 to consider the Bill on Mutual Legal Assistance for Fugitives and Criminal Matters (Amendment) Bill 2019. However, the meeting was postponed because demonstrators blocked roads in surrounding areas, gathered people and stormed the police line violently. Later, the Legislative Council issued a notice in the afternoon that the President of the Legislative Council decided that the meeting would not be held on that day and that the notice would be given after the time for the reconvening was decided.

Around this time, an account with the user name of paulxtsang sent out a related photo on Instagram with an improper label. Thereafter, the user name charmaine_sheh was given to the picture, and the user name was Shermans Ins account user name.

After this point praise was discovered by netizens, it aroused widespread concern and controversy, and quickly mounted the microblog hot search. Therefore, she Shiman made the above explanation.

At present, the paulxtsang account has deleted the relevant pictures and texts, and She Shiman also said that immediately withdraw some praise.

For She Shimans explanation, some netizens expressed acceptance, hope for future attention, cautious words and deeds; others expressed doubts, believing that mistakes were only excuses.

She Shiman was born in Hong Kong on May 28, 1975. She entered the entertainment circle in 1997 because she won the second place of Miss Hong Kong. Her works Golden Branch Wanting to Sin and Moonlight on the Fifth of October became popular. In 2018, his leading role in the Yanxi Strategy became popular in the mainland, and it also reaped a lot of popularity.

She Shiman has made many patriotic statements. For example, she said in an interview that when Hong Kong returned on July 1, 1997, she and her mother were celebrating in a hotel. What she was most touched by was that when she saw the flag rising on TV, she felt that she could finally be a real Chinese.

Compared with She Shimans attitude, the governor of Changan Street believes that the real situation of the unrest in Hong Kong deserves more attention.

Today, the Global Times reported on the situation.u2014u2014

Inspired by radicals, a riot broke out outside the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong on the 12th. In the face of some western media constantly rendering Hongkong police using pepper spray and tear agent, Lu Weicong, director of the Hongkong police force, held a press conference on 13 days to tell the police to disperse the thugs, stressing that their actions were quite restrained.

Police returned to disperse the mob

Lu Weicong restored the experience of dealing with the thugsimpact at a press conference on the afternoon of 13:00 p.m. on 12:00 a.m., a large number of masked demonstrators rushed out of the Dragon Harmony Road and made provocative actions. The police were restrained and guided to deal with special situations. But by 3:00 p.m., a number of demonstrators organized and planned attacks on the police line with iron sticks, wooden boards and bricks, which threatened the lives of the police, and In order to protect the Legislative Council building, appropriate force is used, and more than once flags are raised and verbal warnings are given to radicals.

He said that about 150 tear gas bombs, several rubber bullets and about 20 bags were fired on the 12th. It took eight hours to disperse the demonstrators with low-lethal weapons. Rubber bullets and bags sound like bullets, but they are all low-lethal weapons. They are often used in foreign riot suppression occasions, such as when demonstrators throw bricks and police officers need to be at a distance. The equipment will be used to stop the demonstrators from approaching.

In the 12-day operation, the police arrested 11 people suspected of public disorder, illegal assembly, assault and riot-related crimes, a total of 22 police officers were injured to varying degrees.

According to the headline daily website, the demonstrators gradually dispersed in the early hours of the 13th morning, and the roadside garbage in the area of Jinzhong was everywhere. The Jinzhong Riot demonstrators, whose organizational capacity exceeded 5 years ago, not only collected materials in advance through secret social groups, but also formed teams of less than seven people to exchange information on the spot through Bluetooth mobile phones, in order to avoid heavy and light guerrilla occupation, the Star Island Daily said Wednesday.

External forces agitate

Some Western forces and Taiwan authorities continue to agitate. McGovern, chairman of the Chinese Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, has threatened to introduce the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act this week, setting up penalty mechanisms for Hong Kong or Mainland government officials involved in suppressing Hong Kong democracy, including prohibiting officials from entering the United States and freezing their assets in the United States. The EU said it shared Hong Kong citizensconcerns about the governments proposal to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, which has potentially far-reaching consequences for the confidence of the EU and foreign people in Hong Kongs business. According to the Oriental Daily website, the Taiwanese Continental Committee reminded the people on the island to pay attention to safety and temporarily avoid going to Hong Kong on the 13th.

Geng Shuang, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on the 13th that the central government strongly condemned all kinds of violence and supported the SAR government in dealing with it according to law. He emphasized that any action harming Hong Kongs prosperity and stability was opposed by the mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong, and that any civilized society ruled by law would not tolerate illegal acts that undermine peace and tranquility and disregard the law and discipline.

In an interview with the BBC, Liu Xiaoming, Chinas ambassador to Britain, said that the central government had never instructed Hong Kong to amend its regulations, which was initiated by the Hong Kong government itself, because of a murder case in Taiwan. Zhang Jianzong, Chief Secretary for Administration, said that it was determined by the police in accordance with the code and the situation on the spot and was the lowest force under the circumstances, characterized as riots and the firing of rubber bullets.

All walks of life support police law enforcement

On the 13th, Hong Kong groups arrived in front of Wanchai Police Headquarters to encourage the police to strictly enforce the law. In the afternoon, outside the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong, trade unions and a group of citizens protested and condemned the statement made by Speaker Pelosi of the U.S. House of Representatives on the amendments to the Hong Kong Government, which distorted the facts. Their remarks more directly showed that the United States was behind the riots. Ye Guoqian, a member of the Executive Council, said he was proud of his excellent disciplinary forces.

Taiwanese political commentator Huang Zhixian issued an article on the 13th, advocating that Hong Kongs regulations are not wrong. Those who commit 37 crimes such as homicide, rape and hijacking in mainland China, Taiwan and Macao, and then flee Hong Kong, can be extradited to the place where they committed the crime. Where is the mistake? She said frankly that this matter is the same as Taiwans anti-service trade in 2014, in fact, it is anti-China. In fact, people alone, brain disability.

Hong Kongs Ta Kung Pao said that during the riot, the opposition personally directed the front line, Hong Kong independence seized the opportunity to commit riots, and foreign forces manipulated behind the scenes, proving that the anti-revision case was only an excuse. The real purpose was to make Hong Kong a mess, making Hong Kong a chessboard to encircle China and a bridgehead to subvert China.

According to the Star Island Daily, some radicals and organizations have violently attacked the police line and occupied the main roads, apparently premeditated and deployed, and used some false information about the amendments to motivate young people to participate. Their illegal and violent actions, injuring people and harming Hong Kong, should never be allowed.

Source: Changan Street Governor Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647