Thieves enter the house and steal. Leave a note: Wish your boss a prosperous business and good health.

 Thieves enter the house and steal. Leave a note: Wish your boss a prosperous business and good health.

On June 14, Pengmei News learned from the Deqing County Public Security Bureau in Zhejiang that Zhang Mou, a suspect of theft who claimed to be Brother Aircraft, had been arrested and brought to justice by the police station in the new city of the Bureau recently. On June 10, Zhang Mou was arrested by the local prosecution on suspicion of theft.

Since March this year, the police station in Xincheng City has received a number of people warning that they were stolen at night, and the burglars will leave notes when they leave.

It was a clothing store that first alerted the police. On the morning of March 30 this year, Mr. Sun, the shopkeeper, dialed 110 to report that he had met a very arrogant thief. He hoped that the police would come and see him quickly.

The police found that in the early morning of the same day, the burglars, wearing cap and guard clothes, intruded into the clothing store by climbing the glass door of the shop and dragging the net-shaped rolling gate forcibly. They stole cigarettes, shoes and socks from the clothing store and fled the scene.

Notes left by suspect Zhang Mou after committing a crime. Photo of police supply

This thief is really annoying and funny. Mr. Sun told the police that the thieves had stolen something and left a note: If you dont come next time, I wish your boss a prosperous business (source) and good health. At the end of the note, he added, Last time, come here for a visit. On another piece of paper, the burglar left his signature, Brother Airplane.

Notes left by suspect Zhang Mou after committing a crime.

Mr. Suns store had been stolen once in the early morning of March 25, when little was lost.

Normally, there are occasional cases of burglaries in shops along the street in the jurisdiction, but thieves like this are the first time they have met. Police officer Huang, who was responsible for the case, told Peng Mei News.

Just as the police combed out the theft of Mr. Suns clothing store, another shopkeeper reported that the door of the store roll was broken at night. Fortunately, there were no valuables and cash in the store, and the loss was not great. The case also had a note left by the suspect: Money is not angry, busy in vain.

By comparing the handwriting with the police, it was confirmed that the same person had done it.

The suspect Zhang Mou was captured by the police.

The police confirmed the identity information of the suspect Zhang Mou through the case of colluding with the surrounding areas. According to the clues collected, Zhang Mou has involved more than ten cases in Deqing and its surrounding areas, and the value of the cases involved is about 60,000 yuan. Police also found that Zhang Mou is a recidivist, who was punished three times for theft before, and has certain anti-reconnaissance ability.

Finally, the police arrested the suspect Zhang Mou in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. The suspect Zhang Mou faithfully confessed the fact of theft. The police found a robbers clothes in his rental house.

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