Dust settled! Chelsea have agreed that Suri will leave the club and sign a three-year contract with Juventus

 Dust settled! Chelsea have agreed that Suri will leave the club and sign a three-year contract with Juventus

Surrey will be the ninth Chelsea manager to leave class in Abramovichs era. The 60-year-old Italian coach has been a controversial coach at Chelsea, and Blues fans are unhappy with his possession tactics and his stubbornness in volleyball. And Sallys authority in Chelseas dressing room has been questioned many times. In February, Kappa embarrassed Suri in public. Before the Europa League final, Surrey was suspected to have left the field angrily because he was not satisfied with the playersdisputes.

The English media have stressed that Sally did not want to stay at Chelsea for a long time. Soon after the end of the Europa League, he emptied his residence in London and returned to Italy, waiting to take office at Juventus. The BBC said today that Surrey will terminate his contract with Chelsea as soon as Friday local time. Then he will sign a three-year contract with Juve. Before coaching Chelsea, Suri tried to lead Napoli to overthrow Juves rule in Serie A. Now, he has become the head coach of the enemy. I dont know how the Naples fans will feel.

Lampard is likely to become a new Blues coach after Surrey leaves office. Lampard is an absolute legend in Chelseas history. He has played for 13 years at Chelsea and helped the team win 11 major championships, which are highly respected by Blues fans. Last season, he started his coaching career in Derbyshire, the Champions League, and led Derbyshire to the final of the Premier League upgrade playoffs. His coaching level has been recognized by the industry.

At present, both British media and gambling companies believe Lampard will return to Stamford Bridge. However, the lack of experience will be Lampards greatest disadvantage in competing for the Bluesposition. In addition to Lampard, Benitez, Nuno and Allegri are also candidates for the new Blues coach.

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