Yin and Yang Master is full of good and evil. A brand-new skin appears on the stage.

 Yin and Yang Master is full of good and evil. A brand-new skin appears on the stage.

Face spirit and mask merge into one, but inside there is clarity and darkness at the same time. She gradually lost herself, became timid and hesitant, and the mask around her was more like a cunning fraud. So this time, we want to reinterpret the powerful power of facial spirit through childish faces: the mysterious purple clothes wrap her complex heart; headdresses, patterns and so on embody the girls flavor.

The mask is no longer the initiator who swallowed her heart, but willing to become a powerful, faithful and reliable guardian of Confucius with a resourceful and confident smile.

Facial Reiki Skin and Baby Face will be on the shelves of skin stores in the near future, and will be open with discount activities. More relevant information, please also pay close attention to the follow-up announcement.

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Netease self-developed flagship IP, aesthetic and ethereal freehand brushwork, classic semi-instant turn system RPG, card collection, cultivation, social PK based on LBS technology, new plot ups and downs, hundreds of gods urgently awake. On September 19, 2018, the 2nd Anniversary Edition was launched, and the art style was upgraded iteratively. The high-precision model and the system of the type of divine touch were gradually renovated, and the brand-new type of divine class SP came on the stage. 3D Aestheticism and Windsman Tour Yin and Yang Master wait for you to embark on a mysterious and fantastic journey.

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