Russia first deployed 120 Jet Tanks in the Far East

 Russia first deployed 120 Jet Tanks in the Far East

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] For the first time, Russia has deployed the latest T-80BVM jet tanks in the Far East. This fully upgraded tank was first equipped with the 38th Independent Guard Moving Brigade. Because of its technical characteristics, this tank is very suitable for use in the Far East. Previously, the tank was only equipped with troops deployed in Europe. A total of 120 T-80BVMs will be planned for the future military area in eastern Russia.

Russias military has revealed that 40 T-80BVM tanks have been equipped with the 38th Independent Guard Moving Brigade in Yekaterino Slavka, a residential area in Amur State, 100 kilometers from Blagoveshensk, according to the Russian News on the 13th. Russian military expert Alexei Heropotov said that the tank is very suitable for operations in the eastern military region, because the gas turbine engine it uses is very sensitive to dust and easy to lose power in high altitude areas. In the Far East, there will be no such problem. The air here is fresh and there are no mountains. In addition, the gas turbine engine used in tanks is still easy to start at low temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is suitable to fight in the Arctic region, also known as the polar tank.

According to the Russian Morning Post, the power plant of the T-80 is different from that of the T-72 or the T-90. It uses a gas turbine engine rather than a diesel engine. Its design is very similar to that of an aircraft engine. At present, only Russia and the United States have gas turbine engine tanks. In cold climates, diesel engines need to be preheated, while gas turbine engines can start quickly. In addition, it does not need antifreeze, antifreeze or cooling fluid supply devices. Its acceleration performance is better than diesel engine, so it has great advantages in speed and maneuverability on the battlefield. But the disadvantage is that it consumes much more fuel than T-72 and T-90. Under the background that T-14 Amata can not be mass produced, the upgraded T-80BVM will become the main force of Russian tanks with T-72B3 and T-90. (Liu Yupeng)

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