De Accelerated the Development of Laser Weapons: High-energy Laser Gun on Ship in 2020

 De Accelerated the Development of Laser Weapons: High-energy Laser Gun on Ship in 2020

Reference News Network reported on June 14 that foreign media said that the German Federal Defense Force may also use laser weapons in the future, at least now is developing and testing the corresponding technology. As a first step, a high-energy laser gun will be installed next year on a K130 light frigate of the German Navy.

The German newspaper Le Monde reported on June 12 that the supplier of laser guns will be the German subsidiary of Rhine Metallurgy and European Missile Group, the competing arms company in the field of laser weapons so far.

Peter Helmeier, sales director of the German subsidiary of the European Missile Group, said they planned to use laser weapons for short-range air defense or against speedboats. During the two-year laser weapon testing phase, researchers will test the technology and accumulate experience. Laser weapons are regarded as the future military technology.

Reported that the United States, China, Russia and some European countries are developing laser weapons projects. The United States has installed laser weapon prototypes on ships. The advantage of laser weapon is that it can shoot faster and more precisely than ammunition, so it can only hit specific parts of the target object.

Laser weapons can be used as long as there is enough electricity. Therefore, such weapons do not need to be replenished with ammunition warehouses. This is a huge advantage: the power of laser weapons is quantitative, so we can warn our opponents first.

According to the report, one of the biggest challenges is the development of high-energy laser sources and how to meet the energy requirements. The leading position is the development of 60 kilowatt laser weapons in the United States, while the 20 kilowatt laser source produced locally will be assembled on the German frigate.

Rhine Metallurgical Co. Ltd. cooperated with the Fraunhofer Institute in the development of high-power laser sources in Germany. Britain is launching a laser weapon project called Dragon Fire. France is also doing its own research and development work.

According to Hailmer, the Federal Defense Forces Equipment, Information Technology and Active Support Office is promoting cooperation between the previously competitive European Missile Group and Rhine Metallurgy in the field of laser weapons. At present, cooperation is based on only one project, which does not exclude the possibility of establishing joint ventures in the future. Industry insiders pointed out that the advantage of German self-development of laser weapons is that it does not need to rely on American technology and consent of the United States when exporting weapons.

Reported that the European Missile Group German Company and Rhine Metallurgy have been committed to the development of laser weapons for many years and have achieved a number of notable results, such as shooting down small UAVs and flying mortar shells. In 2016, Rhine Metallurgy installed a 10 kilowatt laser gun on the turret of a German Navy warship, but only for target detection and tracking.

DATA FIGURE: Laser weapon system developed by Rhine Metallurgical Company.

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