Cai Shaofeng responded to complaints from her mother-in-law about wrongdoing and pampering and high EQ

 Cai Shaofeng responded to complaints from her mother-in-law about wrongdoing and pampering and high EQ

Cai Shaofen

Zhang Jins mother

Zhang Jincai Shaofen

Netease Entertainment reported on June 14 that on June 7, a controversy arose among netizens because Zhang Jins mother kept nagging Cai Shaofen, who was lost and ill. In todays broadcast of My Favorite Women, Cai Shaofen grieved and coquetted when she remembered the difficulty of finding a hotel. You see me and scold me, but you have no love at all. To this, her mother-in-law explained in a whisper, Where is scolding. Zhang Jin also teased, Its complaining. The whole family laughed instantly.

On Fridays program, Cai Shaofeng and Zhang Jins mother and son separated in search of a hotel on the way, because of the continuing loss of connection and worried her mother-in-law. Three people converged behind Cai Shaofen, who was not fit to lie on the sofa, and her mother-in-law kept nagging because of heartache: If you cant connect, you cant separate. However, this behavior triggered discussion among netizens. Some people thought that mother-in-law was too verbose, but more netizens said that the old man was worried about nagging.

In todays program, Cai Shaofeng could not help but coquettish, You see me and scold me, there is no love at all. Zhang Jin, who was next to him, said that his wife had misunderstood him. Cai Shaofeng immediately pouted his mouth and grieved and said, Mother keeps complaining about me, saying that I didnt listen to her. Eyes full of grievances. However, Zhang Jins mother also said that it was not complaint, but fear that there is something in the family can not get in touch with her daughter-in-law, just feel should not turn off the phone. Afterwards, Cai Shaofen pretended to be sad again and said childishly, Anyway, you have no sympathy at all. Its so pitiful that you still feel sorry for me and keep scolding me. Seeing Cai Shaofen so lovely, her mother-in-law gently laughed and said, Where is scolding? The tone was full of pity. On the other side, Zhang Jin amused, Its complaint. As soon as the words came out, the family of three burst into laughter and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yu Youjun _NBJS8144