Exposed Jia Yueting Automobile Project Settled in Hohhot Government to Solve 5.5 Billion Funds

 Exposed Jia Yueting Automobile Project Settled in Hohhot Government to Solve 5.5 Billion Funds

According to the memorandum, the Shaerqin Industrial Zone in Hohhot will reserve not less than 5,000 mu of land for the joint venture project, and support the joint venture to acquire the qualifications for the production of new energy passenger vehicles. At the same time, Jiucheng and Hohhot Shaerqin Industrial Zone will jointly set up a new energy industry fund. Jiucheng and its affiliated enterprises will invest no less than 500 million yuan (including the funds for purchasing industrial and commercial land), and the government will invest no less than 1.5 billion yuan (including capital subsidies, infrastructure and other commercial supporting construction), and invest in industry-related investment and operation. Hohhot Shaerqin Industrial Zone coordinates 4 billion loans for new energy project financing, and recommends that local industrial funds and banks provide interest-free, discount or low-interest loan support.

Kyushu said that the two parties will try their best to reach an agreement within the agreed period, and the memorandum will be valid for three months. Jiucheng said that introducing FF mature technology into China and producing and selling Internet electric vehicles in the Chinese market can make a positive contribution to the development of Chinas new energy industry.

It is noteworthy that Jia Yueting, founder of FF and CEO of the world, has gone far from the United States to build a car after the crisis broke out. It has been almost two years. Media reports said that Jia Yueting was about to return home to cooperate with the investigation. In response to this news, on May 10, at the annual performance presentation of Le Video Network 2018, Le Video Network Board Secretary Bai Bing said that the company has not received Jia Yuetangs itinerary.

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