Fifteen-year-old man with tattoos on his arms Dad: Minor tattoos nobody cares about?

 Fifteen-year-old man with tattoos on his arms Dad: Minor tattoos nobody cares about?

Again anxious and angry, Lao Liu found the shop where his son was tattooed. It was located on the bottom floor of a residential building in Xiaoshao Road, Xiaoshan District. The shopkeeper said that he didnt see Xiao Liu was under age at that time. Now he wants to clean it. He can try laser removal, but he cant recover to his former appearance. The scar will remain.

Theres no law that says children cant get tattoos.

I cant see that hes only in the first year of junior high school. Hes tall and brings girls with him every time. How could I ask him how old he is? Before, he and the girl had a little alien tattoo, the same as a couple tattoo. When the Dragon Boat Festival came, maybe it was a break-up. When I said I wanted to get another pattern to cover it up, I made it for him.

The tattoo was completed in an hour. Jiang said it would take two or three months to get rid of it. Simply put, it burns the skin with a laser, and then waits for the skin to grow again. Once every half month, it needs several times to get rid of, not only the pain, but also the scar.

Market regulators:

Minor tattoos are not clearly defined.

Staff said that the existing laws and regulations rarely restrict consumer behavior, and only a few are issued by the competent authorities. For example, the cultural and public security departments stipulate that Internet cafes must provide identity cards, and only when they reach the age of 18, and the Tobacco Bureau also stipulates that tobacco can not be sold to minors.

Source: Responsible Editor of Urban Express: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675