Li Zongwei Farewell: Want to fight Lindane again, but life is not if

 Li Zongwei Farewell: Want to fight Lindane again, but life is not if

Hello, everyone. Im Li Zongwei. After several struggles, I finally chose to hang up the racket, drawing a conclusion for my nearly 20 years of badminton career in Malaysia National Team.

I am sorry to disappoint the fans. If circumstances permit, I would like to stand on the Olympic arena for the fifth time to realize the Olympic gold medal dream. If my body can, I also want to carry the expectations of the Chinese people and continue to move forward in the flag. If I can, I want to fight Lindane again, if I can, but there is no such thing in life.

It is understood that in July 2018, Li Zongwei was found to have nasal cancer. After treatment, Li Zongwei resumed training for three days a week in January this year. But for the sake of future health, Li Zongwei finally decided to retire and hang up.

In Li Zongweis career, the most important person is Lin Dan. Over the years, the friendship between Li Zongwei and Lin Dan has been passed on as a good story. They are rivals for a lifetime, but also friends for a lifetime. They met 40 times, Lin Dan 28-12. With the retirement of Li Zongwei, there is no Lin Li War in the world.

Source: Qian Mingxiao_NBJ10675, responsible editor of upstream news of Chongqing Morning Post