Downwind App page now Looking for one-night stand information platform response

 Downwind App page now Looking for one-night stand information platform response

Hello, windmill page to express information? Response: Accounts have been blocked and audits strengthened (Source:)

Recently, some netizens in Zaozhuang, Shandong Province, reported that when they used Haro mobile phone software to take a taxi, they unexpectedly brushed out their information. At the same time, many netizens across the country have reported the discovery of this problem. To this end, the staff of Haruos travel in Shandong Province responded that at present, Haruos travel has cleared illegal information, blocked accounts, and adopted technical measures to prevent illegal elements from continuing to publish such information.

According to the video posted on Weibo by the netizen Zaozhuang Hot News, a downwind driver clicked on nearby passengers on the downwind page of Haros trip, and a large number of information about suspected pornographic lyrics appeared. These so-called passengers will change their origin and destination to husbands are not at home alone to eliminate loneliness, search Q317 **** 63, search for one-night stand and so on. This information has brought some interference to both the downwind driver and the normal taxi users. Some netizens travel on the micro blog @Hello and ask for an investigation.

In response, the reporter contacted a staff member who traveled in Shandong Province. He said that this situation did exist. At present, the information about violations has been cleared and the relevant accounts have been permanently blocked. At the same time, Hello Travel has adopted more stringent technical verification measures to prevent illegal elements from evading the platforms audit mechanism and continue to publish such violation information.

Source: Responsible Editor of Mass Network: Yang Yi_NBJ10647