Candidates trapped in elevators missed the official college entrance examination: unable to negotiate or go through judicial procedures

 Candidates trapped in elevators missed the official college entrance examination: unable to negotiate or go through judicial procedures

According to Qilu. com, in recent days, six college entrance examination candidates in Liangshan, Jining, missed the news detonation network of the college entrance examination because of the elevator failure. Now five days have passed. How are things going? What should the six candidates do next? The reporter went to Liangshan to investigate.

In the hotel concerned, the accident elevator has been disabled, and other hotel residents can only go upstairs and downstairs through the stairs. Elevator maintenance personnel are thoroughly overhauling the elevator, because there were no maintenance personnel present when the elevator broke down, so maintenance personnel can only guess the situation at that time.

Guo Yuhua, manager of Heze Bojie Elevator Co., Ltd., speculated: When people go up, they are packed with people. If people want to move, the elevator door will bulge out. In the case of external impact, when the car door inside moves and the lock point of the door is disconnected, it may lead to a sudden stop of the elevator, and people will be closed inside.

Guo Yuhua said that the company has been repairing the elevator according to the normal time node, which has never happened before. Maintenance every 15 days is an accidental glitch, by chance. Im sorry about that too.

Fang Yameng, the head of the hotel concerned, was extremely sorry for the candidates. Now we are coordinating. Specifically, on behalf of the hotel, I would like to express my apologies to parents and students. Specifically, we are coordinating the treatment plan.

Fang Yameng told reporters that the hotel has initially drawn up a compensation plan, but because of the compensation price problem, did not reach agreement with parents and candidates, the hotel is still in talks with parents.

It is understood that the six students are from Liangshan Modern High School. The school is also very sorry for the studentsexperience.

Huang Xiangyu, Deputy principal of Liangshan Modern High School, said, As a school, we are very sorry and have been doing the work of pacifying. Next, there are two aspects of work: on the one hand, after the results of the college entrance examination come out, we find professionals to guide them in the college entrance examination voluntary filling in. On the other hand, if these children want to re-read, the school will try to reduce tuition and incidental fees to the extent permitted by the policy.

Liangshan Education and Sports Bureau also indicated that it would actively intervene in the next step of consultation between the hotel concerned and the parents of the candidates to help them resolve conflicts and disputes.

Li Canchun, deputy director of Liangshan Education Bureau, said: Our Education Bureau and the Department of Safety and schools have intervened in this matter many times. At present, there is a big gap between the demands of both sides. Next, if we can not find a good negotiation point, we should guide both sides to go through the judicial process and properly solve this matter.

College Entrance Examinees Missed the Examination due to Elevator Trouble Official: Try to Provide Re-reading Facility

Recently, media reported that six college entrance examinees in Liangshan County, Jining City, Shandong Province were trapped in hotel elevators on the exam day of June 8, and rescued by rescue workers, they were still 10 minutes later than the latest entrance time stipulated in the exam, unable to enter the exam hall and failed to take the foreign language examination. On the morning of June 13, the office of Liangshan County Enrollment and Examination Committee provided information on this matter to Pengbang News. It confirmed that six candidates had missed the foreign language exam because of the elevator failure. It said that the next step was to coordinate the work by the education department and make every effort to provide students with convenience for remedial reading.