On the second day of the college entrance examination, the girl was stabbed to death by her male classmates, suspected of not being retaliated for her love

 On the second day of the college entrance examination, the girl was stabbed to death by her male classmates, suspected of not being retaliated for her love

Zhou Mou, a senior three student, was born in an ordinary rural family in Gudi Town, Weifang City. Her parents had always hoped that her daughter with excellent grades would enter a good university. But what happened on June 8 broke their wish instantly. The 18-year-old daughter died under the knife of her classmates. Recently, Jinyun reporters interviewed many students and parents who knew Zhou Mou, trying to restore the incident.

The Second Day of College Entrance Examination

The girl was stabbed in the classroom

On June 8, the second day of the college entrance examination, after the morning exam, the students of No. 1 Middle School in Weifang, Shandong Province, were sitting in their classroom, quietly reviewing. The teacher cheered on the last sprint students in the classroom, because the afternoon was the last English exam.

Zhou Mou is sitting in the classroom of Class 19, Grade 3, reading carefully. She is a gentle girl, ranking first in the class. Around 2:20 p.m., candidates began to leave the classroom one after another, ready to go to the examination room. Just then, a boy came to Class 19, Grade 3, and went straight to Zhou Mou, who was reading a book.

Zhou Mou did not react when he saw his familiar classmates walking towards him. However, when the boy approached Zhou Mou, he suddenly took out a cutter and stabbed it directly into Zhou Mous chest, because the cutter blade was soft and did not directly penetrate Zhou Mous body. Then he stabbed Zhou Mou in the neck and gave her a sharp knife in the neck.

The scene in front of us frightened the students in the classroom, including the teacher standing on the platform, so Zhou fell straight to the ground. After the incident happened, Zhou Mou was rushed to the Hantang courtyard of Weifang Peoples Hospital for rescue, but finally failed to save her young life.

On the same day, the Hanting Branch of Weifang Public Security Bureau issued a warning notice. On the afternoon of June 8, 2019, a campus injury case occurred in Hanting No. 1 Middle School of Hanting District. After a preliminary investigation by the public security organs, Wang Mou, a student of the school, stabbed his classmate Zhou Mou in a dispute. The victim was immediately sent to Hantang Hospital of Weifang Peoples Hospital and died after rescue.

At present, the suspect Wang Mou has been controlled by the police, and the case is under investigation.

The scene was full of blood.

The teacher scared the students into crying.

Mr. Wang, the father of one of Zhous classmates, learned something about the incident through his childrens narrative: English exam was about to begin at that time, and the classmates in the class were preparing to go to the examination room. After the accident, Zhou was lying on the ground, blood gushing out from his neck, and the ground was covered with blood. The students in the classroom were startled and began to cry.

My child was so frightened that his legs were weak and his teacher was so frightened that he passed out. Mr. Wang said that when he returned home after the exam, he took his children to dinner to celebrate, but the child cried loudly in the restaurant for more than two hours before telling him that he would suddenly sit up and cry when he fell asleep at night. The next day Mr. Wang took his children to see a psychologist.

Another student at the school told Jinyun that he didnt know what had happened until he heard the scream. After about ten minutes, an ambulance arrived at the school. At that time, many students saw Zhou Mou dripping blood into the ambulance. The student recalled that after Zhou was stabbed down, Wang did not leave the classroom and sat directly in a chair until he was taken away.

Zhou Mous Gudi Town, everyone has heard about the tragedy, but when Jinyun reporters carefully inquired, most of them were too secretive to say more.

A parent who knew the girl told Jinyun that after Zhou Mou was stabbed, it took more than three hours for her parents to be informed that Zhou Mou had already passed away. I heard that people in the relevant units have been dealing with the follow-up at the girls home. The girl has been taken home and when she will be buried is not clear.

Suspicion of love is not revenge

Both of them got excellent grades.

A classmate of Wang Mou told Jinyun that Wang Mou and Zhou Mou once had a puppy love, but they broke up before the college entrance examination. Zhou Mou, in the impression of his classmates, is a progressive and beautiful girl, whose achievements have always been excellent. And Wang Mous achievement is also good. He is a student of Class A in the key class of the school. With the results of both of them, they should be admitted to a good university. Now they are all over. Wang Mous classmates said, After Wang Mou and Zhou Mou broke up, when they contacted Wang Mou, they could clearly feel that he was in a bad mood. For breaking up this matter is very concerned, Wang Mou tried to recover but was refused. I heard that one day before the incident, one week ago, he also said something about the breakup of Wang Mou, which may stimulate him.

The student guessed that Wang Mou might think that girls would leave after the college entrance examination and would never see again, so he did such a thing, Wang Mou is usually a more introverted person with less words, but the popularity is good, and nobody expected him to do so...

An anonymous teacher in the school analyzed that the tragedy happened in a sensitive period, when the college entrance examination was taking place, students were under great pressure, their feelings were hit again, and their psychology was more unbalanced. At this time, family members were not in school, no one could comfort them, and a person was depressed and finally broke out.

Source: Editor in charge of Jinyun: Yang Yi_NBJ10647