Boys in a high-rise building in Shenzhen are in danger of being hit by falling glass windows

 Boys in a high-rise building in Shenzhen are in danger of being hit by falling glass windows

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Boys hit by falling glass windows

The site of the incident was at the entrance of a fruit store in Royal Jinghua City, Beijing. The women in the fruit shop witnessed the whole incident. She told reporters that it was raining and many people came and went in front of the door. She was tidying up the fruit stall at the door. Suddenly there was a loud noise of touching. She rushed back to the store to hide. Looking back, a boy was hit by a falling glass window, bleeding incessantly and lying motionless on the ground. Next to the boys mother, she should be crying heartbreaking. Its pitiful.

The monitoring in the fruit store recorded a heartbreaking scene at the time of the accident. Monitoring showed that at 9:19 a.m. on the 13th, a woman with a little boy passed by the entrance of the fruit shop. The lively boy waved his hands and went forward. Just as the woman tried to take the boys hand, a falling glass window smashed down sharply and hit the boys head. The boy lay motionless on the ground after being hit. The woman scraped open the glass debris and looked at it. The boys condition, and took out his mobile phone to alarm.

Reporters learned that after the incident, a man holding a child stopped a black car on the roadside and sent the child to the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for rescue. More than 12 noon on the same day, the injured boy was transferred from the traditional Chinese medicine hospital to Shenzhen Childrens Hospital for rescue.

Preliminary judgement by the police was unexpected

At 17:00 on the 13th, the reporter learned from Shenzhen Childrens Hospital that children injured by falling windows were transferred to ICU for rescue. A family member of a boy told reporters that his parents were doing business in Huaqiang North, and they had to send their children to school every day after an accident. It was unexpected that they would find such a tragedy.

According to people familiar with the matter, the glass window that fell was a house with three buildings on the 20th floor and the tenants were tenants.

Nanyuan Street Office of Futian District, in an interview with the media, said that the households involved in the unit said that the window fell suddenly in the process of pushing. At present, the street has asked the property owners to do a good job in the safety inspection of wall facilities. Reporters learned from the Fukuda Public Security Bureau that the accident was initially judged as an accident. At present, the injured children have not yet escaped from the danger of life as of publication.

It was also noted that a window crash happened in Yujinghua City on May 22. At that time, an owner of four buildings on the 8th floor violated the rules when installing air conditioning outside the window, causing a glass of the room window to fall onto the first floor pedestrian aisle, but fortunately no pedestrians were injured at that time.


Who should be responsible for the accident?

Who should be responsible for the accident in Royal Jinghua City, Beijing, on the 13th?

The main body of infringement liability for the falling glass window should first confirm who is the owner, manager or user of the falling glass window? It belongs to the owners glass window, or the glass window of the public part of the community. If it is the window of the owners house, the owner of the house shall bear the liability for compensation; if it is the window of the public part of the community, the management company of the community shall bear the liability for compensation. If there is a quality problem in the building, the owner, manager or user can recover the developer or contractor of the district after compensation. As for whether to bear criminal responsibility, specific issues should be analyzed. If the installed glass window falls unexpectedly, it will not bear criminal responsibility, but if the original glass window has fallen off and is placed randomly leading to the fall, it may bear criminal responsibility.

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