Teachers at Nanjing Early Morning Education Center found 7 children suspected of being infected with tuberculosis.

 Teachers at Nanjing Early Morning Education Center found 7 children suspected of being infected with tuberculosis.

Yesterday, many parents in Nanjing complained to the black cat and Jiangsu news broadcasting that a teacher at the Meijim International Childrens Education Center of Wanda Center in Jianye District was found to have tuberculosis, which led to the suspected infection of many young children.

Teachers found out that several pulmonary tuberculosis children were suspected to be infected.

Since 2017, the daughter of Nanjing citizen Wang (alias) has been studying at the Meijim International Childrens Education Center, located in Wanda Center, Jianye District, and has been doing well. But on May 23 this year, she was suddenly notified by staff to arrange for her daughter, who was just two and a half years old, to be screened for tuberculosis, which made Ms. Wang panic.

Ms. Wang said: The teacher of the Meijim Scheduling Center is arranging for children and parents who have taken Ledo (English name) teachers lessons to have skin tests and chest radiographs. The daughter found out that it is tuberculosis infection. It is unknown whether they have any bacteria or not. The doctor said that you should take the medicine first, at least for six months. This is the least. Can you do well? Look later. This is very troublesome, because she is still young, and will have a great impact on her life and on us.

Also screened for infection, there is another parent, Ms. Li (pseudonym), a 3-year-old daughter, who has come to Meijim since March this year. Unexpectedly, only two months later, TB infection was also screened out.

Ms. Li said, One of the teachers in Meijim Morning School got tuberculosis. The CDC immediately called the early childhood education institution. The early childhood education institution notified every family that had close contact with the teacher to come over for screening. My child was originally a healthy child, but now because of contact with this teacher, infected with tuberculosis bacilli, in the future do not know when the disease will occur, so I as a parent is really distressed.

According to the parents, more than 100 children and their parents who had contact with the teacher had been screened in hospitals, and many children had been tested for tuberculosis infection or tuberculosis carriers.

What makes parents questioned is that as an educational center for preschool children, on the one hand, they are seriously responsible for health management and do not require teachers to have a physical examination every year; on the other hand, after the accident, Meijim did not close the door and rectify, let alone issue a notice statement to parents, parents have not yet been properly handled.

Jims stores are still open, claiming that there is no problem after screening.

On the afternoon of June 13, after receiving complaints from parents, Jiangsu News and Broadcasting reporters came to the Meijim International Childrens Education Center located in Jianye Wanda Center to consult the early childhood education curriculum as a parent of a child, and found that the education center was still in normal operation. The front desk told Jiangsu News and Radio reporters that all their staff and students who had contacted the teacher had undergone tuberculosis screening, and there was no problem. The reporters could take their children to register with them at ease.

Seven teachers involved in the infection of young children were not examined last year

In this regard, Jiangsu News and Broadcasting reporter to the United States Jim International Childrens Education Center Wanda shop Mr. Geng, confirmed that May 13 received a teachers notification of tuberculosis, currently involving 104 children, have been doing tuberculosis screening. The screening results show that four children are currently infected with tuberculosis, and three others are infected with tuberculosis. However, it is still difficult to determine whether this is due to contact with Mr. Ledo.

So will Mejims teachers be required to take an annual physical examination? Geng said that they had some negligence in management. Although they had Entry Examinations and issued medical cards to teachers every year, there was no clear requirement for teachers to have physical examinations every year, and Mr. Ledo did not do physical examinations in 2018.

Jim McDonalds Store Manager responded: The solution will be negotiated with parents.

It is understood that Jim International Childrens Education Center has five stores in Nanjing, and no other stores have similar problems at present. In response to the incident, Geng said that he would try to negotiate with parents who were found to be infected before June 17 in order to reach a proper solution.

Geng said: If there is no refund, we can extend the validity period; the second is if the parents refund, no problem, from February 15 to April 19 on the Ledo teacher class, all of our course fees are refunded. At present, all of our medical expenses are reported, but these mental loss fees raised by parents, including the cost of missed work, may be further reported to the headquarters or the leadership.

For the progress of this matter, Jiangsu News Broadcasting will continue to pay attention to it.

Source: Jiangsu News Broadcasting Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647