Kneel for Mango Express: Pay deduction and expulsion are lies for sympathy

 Kneel for Mango Express: Pay deduction and expulsion are lies for sympathy

Kneeling Express: Being withheld is a lie and sympathizes with bloggers (Source:)

On June 13, the courier of Yuantong Express Company in Dongying, Shandong Province, said that he falsely claimed that he was deducted from his salary by Yuantong Company, so as to win the sympathy of the complaint and withdraw the complaint. According to the complaint, the misinformation of the Kneeling Incident damaged its reputation.

Female courier complained kneeling police: do not abandon dignity and beg for forgiveness

Delivery of mango, accused of missing one, courier compensation for a box of mango or even kneel down to apologize? The police couldnt look down. According to the online documents, the Daozhuang Police Station of Guangrao County Public Security Bureau of Dongying City, Shandong Province, proposed to Yuantong Express Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yuantong Company) to abandon the understanding of malicious complaints that requires sacrificing the dignity of employees; to bring malicious complaints into the blacklist; and to protect the reputation of such a company at the expense of personal dignity. Excellent courier employees should be rewarded, not deducted.

Customer of Express Mango Dropping and Kneeling Incident: Complaints have been issued to certify the police

Shandong Yuantong female courier knelt after being complained, and the police issued a bully written certificate in person, which has the latest progress. According to Voice of China (Voice of China) report on Wednesday, the client Mr. Zhang repeatedly said that his complaint was not directed at couriers, but against the deception of Yuantong Company compensating with fake packages. In addition, Mr. Zhang believed that the police who issued the certificate had complained to the local public security organs about their rude speech and tough attitude when enforcing the law. Peng Mei News pointed out that Mr. Zhang was also ready to apply for administrative reconsideration, asking the police to apologize and restore his reputation.

Mango lost is complained kneeling client: did not let the courier cry and kneel again

Yuantong courier Mango was complained to kneel incident continued to ferment. Local police issued certificates to support couriers, believing that it was not necessary to abandon dignity and beg for forgiveness. The complaint, Mr. Zhang, responded that there were problems with the content of the certificate letter issued by the police. He provided a five-minute audio recording of police officers leaving the police station. The audio said that the courier came to Mr. Zhangs home to apologize because he complained that she compensated for the replacement of false Mango Express. Mr. Zhang did not accept the apology for the couriers deception of customers.