Sun Xiaoguo of Hubei escaped the death penalty when the boss quoted the earthquake of Wuhans political and legal system

 Sun Xiaoguo of Hubei escaped the death penalty when the boss quoted the earthquake of Wuhans political and legal system

When all the streets are talking about Sun Xiaoguo in Kunming, there are always wonderful stories on the other side of Wuhan. Theres a name, and its also very interesting to mention now. Its not how powerful he is, nor is it that he has a perplexing immediate relative, but that he triggered an earthquake in Wuhans political and legal system.

A month ago, the Supervisory Committee of the Discipline Commission of Hubei Province made a briefing on combating gangsters and eliminating evil, which mentioned some typical cases. First of all, there was a parole violation in 2011. Zhou Bin, former vice president of Wuhan Intermediate Court at that time, instructed Liu Hanqiang, president of the Second Court of Criminal Justice, to reconsider Lin Mingxue, a prisoner who apparently did not qualify for parole. After a series of divine manipulations, Lin Mingxue was paroled. This Lin Mingxue is not an oil-saving lamp. After parole, he committed many criminal acts, such as intentional injury, detaining others to take drugs, gathering people for prostitution, bribery and so on, which caused bad social impact.

Lin Mingxue has not attracted much attention from the media. But he is not a man without a story.

Lin Mingxue is a native of Huangpi, Hubei Province. He has only junior high school education, but he may be the first financial crocodile to emerge from the water. After failing in business, he somehow found that the financial system was a rich mine, and began a long-sleeved career. After controlling a county-level city credit cooperative in Guilin, on the one hand, he saved at high interest rates, on the other hand, he transferred the deposits to the enterprises under his name and took them for himself, which resulted in losses of up to 100 million yuan for a large number of depositors. In 2001, the former Top Ten Excellent Entrepreneurs in China was sentenced to death for fund-raising fraud.

The case was quite sensational. But the more fantastic story is just beginning. Lin Mingxue, who was sentenced to death, was not really executed. How did he get his sentence changed? There is no reliable information yet. But the man sentenced in Guangxi eventually transferred to Wuhan to serve his sentence, and was paroled after only ten years in prison. After parole, Lin Mingxue was silent for a period of time, and soon became very high-profile, and began to regard himself as a chivalrous businessman. There is a flattering article about him: He buys luxury cars, yachts, villas between picturesque mountains and lakes, clubs in the money-burning sports market, and world champions at high prices. Yes, he not only did business and enjoyed a luxurious life, but also became the owner of a womens table tennis club. Often appearing around him, there are not only artists, but also officials. Only a few people know that he was a death penalty criminal, and only a few people know that he stepped into the sewage involving evil and black after the turn of God.

Lin Mingxue was enjoying the glorious moments of his life when the torrent of anti-black and anti-evil swept through. Only, blows down thousands of flowers and trees, spare fragrance filled the road, dazzling everything seems so short. His Rolls-Royce RV had just started, but he himself was included. How did the condemned prisoner get out of prison? At this time, the people who eat melons will find that even if there is no mysterious biological father, many fantastic things can also be done. From the public information, many local political judges are involved in the operation of parole through-train. For example, Li Shengqiao, then Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Huangpi District, instructed others to make false contributions for Lin Mingxue, while Zhou Bin and Liu Hanting, who held higher positions, directly intervened in the parole procedure. But those who manipulated justice at that time, whether they were promoted or retired, could not escape the current umbrella action. On the other hand, they are called big umbrella, strong umbrella and hard umbrella by the Hubei side, which show the world as a negative model.

In the special struggle against gangsters and evils, investigating files is a particularly useful tactic. Those who are involved in criminal activities have been commuted or paroled, and they will be basically clear once the case files are turned over. In this round of shocks in Wuhans political and legal system, Wang Baoping and Wang Hongying are very special old partners. They have served in Hanyang Prison, one is the prison governor, the other is the political commissar. Whether the two men are involved in Lin Mingxues parole or not, there is no reliable source of information, but they are likely to involve another legendary figure and the former Changshi Liangliang of Hebei Provincial Department of Communications. Shi Shiliangs illegal parole of this invisible mine triggered a shock in the three towns of Wuhan, probably just released. This story can also be written in a single article.

In addition to the umbrellas mentioned above, two former deputy directors of the public security system in Hubei Province were investigated this year. Once the lid is uncovered, once the greasy cat can not escape, and no one can escape their debt of iniquity. How to say, the depth of the stratum touched by the special struggle to eradicate the black and evil is probably unimaginable to others. And the anticipated Qingming world is constantly reconstructing in the continuous turbulence.

Source: Tuanjie Lake Reference Responsible Editor: Chengyu_NBJ11143