Men run more than 10 kilometers over 110 yards to avoid punishment for drunk driving

 Men run more than 10 kilometers over 110 yards to avoid punishment for drunk driving

After a simple rear-end accident, Xie Xiao, a Changsha citizen, was unexpected. She was pushed over the hood of the car and shut down at high speed. The car ran for more than ten kilometers before it stopped.

I begged him to stop and let me down first. He asked us to give up chasing him first. Xie Xiao talked about this scene, still frightened.

The driver did this because he had drunk before and was afraid of being punished by the traffic police. At present, driver Wu Mouhui has been prosecuted for endangering public safety by dangerous means.

In order to avoid the traffic police investigating his drunk driving behavior, he rushed people to shut down the highway on the hood of his vehicle and drove more than 10 kilometers on the highway at a speed exceeding 100 kilometers per hour.

On June 13, the reporter learned from the procuratorate of Yuelu District of Changsha City that Wu Mohui, a man, was charged with endangering public safety by dangerous means.



I begged him to stop. He didnt listen.

I will never forget the day when the man hit me in his car and I jumped on the hood of his car as I saw it. The man Xie Xiao said was Wu Mouhui.

On the afternoon of November 25, last year, Wu Mouhui drove his car to Yunqi Road, Xuebu Street, Yuelu District, Changsha City. After a rear-end collision with Xie Xiaos car, the two sides failed to negotiate compensation, Xie Xiaos driver chose to report to the traffic police for treatment.

Hearing the other partys alarm, Wu Mouhui locked his car and ran away and was chased back. Subsequently, the traffic police rushed to the scene, demanding that both parties present relevant documents and evacuate the accident vehicles from the scene.

As a result, as soon as he got on the car, he locked the door and drove away. We drove to chase him immediately. Xie Xiao recalled that when they caught up with Changtan West Expressway, they stopped each other and scratched the other for a second time. We all got off, I got off the station and went to the front of the other car. Xie Xiao said that she rushed to the high speed directly against the hood of the vehicle. She was afraid to beg for parking, but was asked to give up chasing him first.

The price of compensation for car damage has not been settled. He is ready to pull out the key and leave. We pulled him forward and smelled alcohol on him during the pulling process. According to Xie Xiao, the other people on the bus said that they called 4S shop and offered a price of about 3 to 5,000 yuan. Perhaps it was because of drunk driving that the other party showed several times to run away.


Criminal suspect

When I drink, I want to run.

Four of them got out of the car and argued with me. I had only one person. Because the collision was not very serious, I was willing to pay 200 yuan, but the other side needed 5000 yuan. Wu Mouhui said that he thought the price was too high, but he still called his friends to send money, but the other party mistakenly thought he was calling for trouble, so he called the traffic police.

I took advantage of the traffic police to let the car transfer, drive and run, the other side drove after me, chased me to the Changtan West Expressway entrance to force me to stop, and then four of them came down, a woman climbed onto the front hood of my car, I did not care about her, stepped on the accelerator and left.

Wu confessed that he ran more than 10 kilometers at 110 yards on the highway until the other side did not catch up.

When the tail chase first happened, the traffic police were already dealing with it. Why did Wu Mouhui run? Because I drank, I drank about three or two drinks at my friends house and drove after drinking. Wu Mouhui said that because he drank wine and was afraid of traffic police treatment, he thought about running, regardless of the head hood and other people, I know it may cause such consequences, but at that moment, I thought about running, without considering her safety issues, and without considering the possible harm to her.



Suspected of endangering public safety is prosecuted

According to the identification, the victim Xie Xiao was slightly injured. According to the Equipment Compensation List issued by the victim unit Changtan West Expressway Toll Station, the value of the damaged automatic railings is 2400 yuan.

The procuratorial organs believe that Wu Mouhui, in order to avoid the traffic police investigating his drunk driving behavior, regardless of the obstruction of Xie Xiaoding, the other passenger, rushed Xie Xiaoding to close the high-speed automatic railing on the hood of his vehicle and, when the victim was still lying on the hood of his vehicle, traveled more than 10 kilometers on the highway at a speed exceeding 100 kilometers per hour, which violated the Republican Republic of China. According to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China, criminal facts are clear and the evidence is solid and sufficient, so the criminal responsibility of the crime of endangering public security by dangerous means should be investigated.

A few days ago, the Yuelu District Procuratorate prosecuted Wu Mohui for endangering public safety by dangerous means to the court.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News Responsible Editor: Chengyu_NBJ11143