Liu Chuanzhi: Dean Zhou Guangzhao, you are a great man!

 Liu Chuanzhi: Dean Zhou Guangzhao, you are a great man!

Yang Zhenning, Li Zhengdao, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Wangang, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, Li Shushen, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guo Chuanjie, Vice-Secretary of the Former Party Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Du Xiangwan, former Vice-President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Li Jinghai, President of the National Natural Science Foundation, Liu Cangli, President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, Qiu Yong, Bao Xinhe, President of the University of Science and Technology of China, Zhang Pingwen, Director of the Subject Construction Office of Peking University, Su Gang, Vice-President of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ye Yujiang, Director of Basic Research Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Yang Guozhen, Principle Director of the Chinese Physics Society, and Liu Tiebing, Director of the Hunan Guangzhao Science and Technology Foundation, made speeches or sent

Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Lenovo Holdings and founder of Lenovo Group, recalled deeply President Zhou Guangzhaos contribution to the promotion of Chinas high-tech industrialization, and expressed his respect and gratitude to President Zhou Guangzhao from the heart.

The full text of Liu Chuanzhis speech:

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for giving me a chance to speak, so that I and all Lenovo colleagues can have an opportunity to express our respect and gratitude to our beloved President Zhou Guangzhao.

People often like to say who has noble people to help, President Zhou Guangzhao is our noble person. When the door of reform and opening up was opened and we were confused about how to go, it was President Zhou who pointed out a breakthrough for all the scientific and technological personnel of the Institute of Applied Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

At that time, there were more than 100 institutes in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with a total annual research fund of only 800 million yuan. When the country was so poor, it had to run an Academy of sciences. Why? We little people are busy doing experiments, writing papers, evaluating titles, raising salaries every day... The living standard has been raised, and the political status has also been raised. Scientists and technicians, experts and scholars are all in high spirits, but what is the national plan? Comrade Xiaoping made it clear that science and technology are the first productive forces, but none of us thought how to link our work with productivity at that time.

At that time, the country was still largely planned economy. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a national team and an ivory tower. Its research results are intended to illustrate the national level, to show people, to their own people and to foreigners (except, of course, the two bullets and one star that the state concentrates its efforts on major affairs).

Before the reform and opening up, the country was isolated and closed. Our scientific research system followed the path of the Soviet Union, which is justifiable. Now that the reform and opening up has been carried out, should we follow the inertia and the old road?

The Chinese Academy of Sciences must be reformed, and Chinas scientific research system must be reformed. The first to issue this invigorating call is President Zhou Guangzhao, and the first to start is President Zhou Guangzhao!

After repeated reflection and research at home and abroad, President Zhou divided the then Chinese Academy of Sciences into two parts, one for basic research and the other for applied research. This is inseparable from technological development, which is oriented to economic benefits and wealth creation for the country.

However, he had no idea how the technological development-oriented Research Institute could turn its achievements into wealth and productivity, and he had to cross the river by feeling the stones. What Im talking about now is not subjective guess, but the memory of what he chatted with me later. As a result of his visits to the United States and Japan, he found that enterprises are direct organizations for wealth creation, but how can they connect the scientific and technological achievements of the Academy of Sciences with enterprises?

He made a request to the scientific and technological personnel of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and called on them to go to sea to run enterprises. Today, it seems that this requirement is extremely normal, but at that time, it was like a rock to shake the sky, risking the worlds greatness. Wouldnt young friends think its too normal and common? People in the Academy of Sciences who have lived through this period of history are either excited to stay up all night, or feel like the sky is falling apart, or frightened.

In the half year of 1984, more than twenty companies appeared in Zhongguancun. The backbone of each company is almost all the scientific and technological personnel of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Most of the companies and most of their businesses are in the field of circulation, that is, the so-called buy-and-sell, but they can earn more money personally, which is much more than doing scientific research steadfastly in the research institute. The quiet of the laboratory.

But this buy and sell is only the first step, the first step to understand the market economy. Then it is to continuously expand the scope and scale of the circulation field, and constantly appear small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises. In a word, after 20 years of continuous trial and error, when all the conditions are available, suddenly the energy explosion, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park has become the leader of Chinas scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, the strongest force in Beijings GDP growth, a cash cow and a treasure trough, of course, this is the last word.

However, at that time, the original order in the ivory tower was chaotic, the world is chaotic! People are confused. Is it right or wrong to do this?

Today, it seems that the direction pointed out by President Zhou is the direction pointed out by Comrade Xiaoping, and the direction pointed out by the Central Committee of the Party. Yes, yes, yes. Its natural and righteous.

But later facts show that it is beyond imagination and incomparable to walk out of this road. So where is the difficulty?

President Zhous original intention is to organically combine scientific research and enterprises, so he requires scientific researchers to set up enterprises in the sea to open up the road of scientific research into productivity. After going into the sea, we choked our first mouthful of water, but not how to unite, but how to run a business? You know, in 1984, in China, in fact, in the field of science and technology, there was not a truly enterprise organization. The state-run organization called company is actually a factory, just do whatever it sells. Products are distributed by the state for you, such as the Great Wall 0520 computer.

When we go to sea, we know that scientific research is not the most difficult link. The key is to whom we sell what we make. So we should first understand what is the market, how to sell, how to serve, and how the research and development results can become qualified batch products. So we should learn how to mass produce and purchase. And the hardest and most difficult thing is where does the cost come from? Lenovo, for example, calculates the amount of 200,000 given to us. Within two months, 140,000 people have been deceived. There is no venture capital, no guarantee, and banks refuse to lend money. Where does the money come from? As a result, in the face of how to run a business, a lot of problems flock to us. There are pressure to die, pressure to live, and temptation of money, beauty, fame and position.

The water poured into our mouths one by one, and we struggled desperately to swim in the direction of the red flag. You can swim past the pioneers, but you cant swim past the pioneers. Looking back on the past, the vast majority of the first people to go to sea have become martyrs.

Over the next 35 years, there were storms and waves, torrents, mountain-like pressures, and thorns. In this process, what is President Zhou doing? He was deeply concerned about us, reminded us at any time and anywhere, cared for us with great care, and supported us with all his strength.

There are too many stories, I said two.

The first story is in 1996, when Lenovo lost a lot of money, he took me to three banks. As a public institution, the Academy of Sciences is not qualified for guarantee. That is actually to beg others. How self-respecting and self-respecting President Zhou is. When I saw him with a stiff smile and listened to peoples cold and indifferent answers, I was really heartbroken, ashamed and almost ashamed. Finally, we finally borrowed money and Lenovo survived.

The second story: Lenovo can achieve today, the reform of property rights mechanism is crucial. I remember when I first talked to the president about property rights reform in 1993, he did not hesitate to express his full support. If a high-tech start-up wants to succeed, the human factor must be the first important factor, he said. Owing to the limited environment of the country at that time, the equity reform could not be put in place step by step. We made a compromise plan to give employees the right to dividend. On this basis, we pushed forward the reform step by step. Today, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is the largest shareholder, accounting for 29% of Lenovo Holdings. Although the proportion of the investment of 200,000 shares in the Academy of Sciences in 84 years has been reduced, the absolute assets belonging to the Academy of Sciences have reached more than 20 billion yuan and increased by 100,000 times.

When I went to sea in 1984, I had to hold on for too long to try my life value. It is the banner raised by President Zhou that guides Lenovo to pursue higher and higher goals. We have made the PC of Chinese brand and achieved the first place in China. It has laid a solid foundation for China to become a big information country today. Lenovo has made great efforts to win the first place in the world and become the 200 th place in the worlds top 500. It has won glory and gas for China.

In 1984, the Chinese Academy of Sciences set up a scientific and technological enterprise, Zhongguancun set up a scientific and technological enterprise, up to less than 100, today there are few left. Thirty-five years later, science and technology enterprises in Zhongguancun, Beijing, and the whole country have converged into thousands of seas, which is irresistible. This huge wave of scientific and technological power has been integrated into all walks of life, and has become an important driving force to promote Chinas economic development.

Zhou Guangzhao, the earliest president to call on us, has already had a prominent scientific status in China. He could have made his academic achievements more brilliant and famous in the world as president. However, he chose a controversial and risky road, but it has great practical significance for reform and opening up. He stepped forward with great strides and never looked back.

This is President Zhou Guangzhaos feelings, vision, mind and responsibility!

Now, when we are here to talk about what he has brought to the world, he is lying quietly in the hospital bed in Beijing. Whenever I go to see him, I dont know if he can still feel it, but his eyes are still bright.

At my age, this life experience, this knowledge structure, when praising a person or a thing, it has become a habit to be stingy with words. But I gaze at him and say in my heart: Dean Zhou Guangzhao, you are a great man!

Source: Lenovo Holdings Micro Space Responsibility Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056