Li Changyus Talk about Zhang Yingyings Case: Dead bodies can be found from bathtub pipes and laboratories

 Li Changyus Talk about Zhang Yingyings Case: Dead bodies can be found from bathtub pipes and laboratories

On June 12, local time in the United States, Chinese female scholar Zhang Yingying made significant progress in the case of disappearance in the United States. In her opening statement, the lawyer of the defendant Christensen said that the defendant admitted killing Zhang Yingying and claimed that she had been raped and tortured before she died. Nevertheless, the defense will defend the defendants innocence, claiming that he was at a low point in his life and in a bad mental state on the day of the crime, laying the groundwork for his conviction on the grounds of his mental illness.

The painful thing for Zhang Yingyings family is that they still havent found his body.

How to find Zhang Yingyings whereabouts? How do you think of the defenses possible mental illness tactic? With many problems, the Red Star journalist interviewed Dr. Li Changyu, a well-known expert in criminal identification and a well-known Chinese detective.

Dr. Li Changyu. Image Visual China

Dr. Li Changyu:

The suspect should not have been arrested in a hurry.

Dr. Li Changyu said that he had encountered many similar cases from the police in more than 50 years, such as the murder of his wife by a sawmill. In the absence of a corpse, many scientific methods have been used. Zhang Yingyings case is a very unfortunate one, because the case handling system in the United States is decentralized, Dr. Li Changyu said. After the case happened, the local police had contacted him because he had helped them to solve a female university student murder case before, but later found that Zhang Yingyings case happened in the university, so it was handled by the school police, the school police and the Federation. The Bureau of Investigation contacted him, so he was not involved in the case.

Dr. Li Changyu told the Red Star News reporter that after a person disappears, he is usually thrown into the water, burned, hidden or separated. There are about 12 different ways. Therefore, when the police have found and identified the suspect Christensen from the surveillance camera, the FBI should wait and not rush to arrest the suspect.

Should first analyze that day, he let Zhang Yingying on the car before refueling, how much fuel tank, the farthest to drive where, and then we can analyze where his body will be abandoned the farthest.

Police had persuaded Christensens girlfriend to cooperate with the informant and recorded many of his words. Dr. Li Changyu said that the recordings were very important material evidence, but defense lawyers would try to say that the recordings were inaccurate. If these recordings cannot be used as evidence, the case will become very troublesome.

Victim Zhang Yingying (left) and suspect Christensen

To search for bodies in two directions

Bath tub piping and the laboratory where the murderer works

Dr. Li Changyu said that Christensen had said in the recording that he had killed and beheaded Zhang Yingying in the bathtub. Why not start with the bathtub?

You can open the pipe under the bathtub to see it. Dr. Li Changyu said that they had dealt with similar cases before. A nurse killed her husband in the bathtub. Later, they checked the bathtub water pipe. These pipes are usually bent, not straight down, so there may be debris, hair, muscles and other things bent, which can be used as direct evidence.

Dr. Li Changyu also said that after the crime, the police should check where Christensen had been, how much his salary was, where he spent it, and credit cards. More importantly, Christensen is an assistant professor of physics at the university. He probably knows where the laboratory is hidden. Dr. Li Changyu said that in one case he had dealt with, a Vietnamese girl was murdered and hid behind a wall. She was thought to have escaped marriage by the police, but her body was finally found behind the wall of a medical college basement.

Since he works in the laboratory, he must know the secret passages and hot air pipes in the laboratory. Dr. Li Changyu said that if we knew how much Christensen had divided Zhang Yingyings body, and where he would hide it, we could make a scientific analysis, because the place was so big, and if we analyzed it one by one, we could find Zhang Yingyings body.

Dr. Li Changyu. Image Visual China

There are few opportunities to go to the bathtub pipe now.

The defendant had purchased piping dredgers and kitchen garbage bags

Since it has been two years since Zhang Yingying disappeared, is it possible to find the pipeline under the bathtub now?

There are few opportunities now. Dr. Li Changyu said regrettably, but at least he should look for it. It is also necessary to check whether Christensen has purchased anything like mixers and detergents after the crime, to investigate his shopping records in detail, and whether he has purchased anything special in a week or two.

The answer is yes!

Red Star journalists consulted media reports and found that the local newspaper Gazette reported on June 13 that Christensen had planned his crime in detail, bought a six-foot baggage on Amazon in advance, and cleaned his car and apartment carefully afterwards.

According to Gazettes latest court record on June 13, local time, prosecutors announced that three days after Christensen killed Zhang Yingying, he went to the supermarket and bought Drano and kitchen garbage bags.

In this regard, Dr. Li Changyu said that this kind of garbage bag should be checked immediately at that time. What kind of garbage bag he bought, how many garbage bags in a box, and how many left in his home. If you find out that he has used four, you will know that the target you are looking for is four garbage bags, black or white, which brand, you must use scientific and logical methods, rather than looking around. Dr. Li Changyu, because he was not directly involved in the case, did not know what the police did.

The defendant may negotiate terms with the prosecution

Commutation of sentences on the grounds of the fall of a corpse

Dr. Li Changyu said that the defense had admitted in the opening statement that Christensen had killed Zhang Yingying, so they used the defense method to claim that the defendant had mental problems. Mental disorders are common in the United States, so they say hes mentally ill. He must have gone to a psychiatrist.

But for this problem, the prosecution will certainly find a psychiatrist to say that the defendant is normal, the defense will also find a psychiatrist to say that it is not normal, so the judges and juries finally believe that the prosecution, or the defense. It depends on whether Christensen has seen a psychiatrist in the past, taken any medicine, and behaved strangely.

Dr. Li Changyu said that the defense method is that although the defendant killed people, but his mental abnormality, mental abnormality may be sentenced to imprisonment for several years, will not be convicted of murder. He is not normal, his behavior can not be controlled, and the defense may point out that the defendants family environment is not good, such as the absence or absence of his mother after birth, or his girlfriends eccentricity or abnormal behavior as a reason, that he is totally influenced by others, and can not be responsible for his own behavior.

In the case of admitting to killing Zhang Yingying, it doesnt matter that no body was found. Dr. Li Changyu believed that the prosecution might then reach an agreement with the defendant, Christensen, that the sentence could be commuted by telling the body where it was. He said there had been similar cases before, in California, where a man killed his wife and the police could not find the body. Later, prosecutors and defendants agreed that if they helped find the body, they could sentence him to 20 yearsimprisonment. If the sentence is 20 years, parole is usually less than 10 years.

Therefore, the defendant Christensen may use the whereabouts of the body to negotiate terms with the prosecution.

Dr. Li Changyu said that he had admitted killing Zhang Yingying, and he confessed guilt, but as for why he killed, he said that he could not be held responsible for his actions, so he did not have to be tried. Usually the next step was to enter the stage of sentencing, that is, what conviction, first-class murder or second-class murder, and how many sentences were imposed.

Worried about bad social networking sites

Suggestions for Womens Safe Travel

Dr. Li Changyu said that there are many bad social networking sites on the Internet nowadays. I often warn teenagers to be absolutely careful. These social networking sites may be full of bad things such as drug addiction, gun buying, sex exchange, alcoholism and so on, which will affect their psychology and quality. Participation in these activities, such as exchange of sexual partners or abnormal sexual behavior, can affect psychology.

Now the computer is too developed, computer crime is also increasing. Dr. Li Changyu said, so these will affect society, do not let children touch these things.

How can women protect themselves when they go out? In this regard, Dr. Li Changyu also gave his suggestions.

He said, dont learn to wear too exposed, such as shorts; dont walk or stay in places with high crime rate, or in remote and barren places, and dont Park in relatively broken parking spaces. Its better to travel with a few friends in a safe area; dont get on a strangers car casually, and tell friends and family about the route of travel; in addition, especially dont participate in the existence. Drug and alcohol parties can easily deceive young people.

Actually, we have lived in the United States for a long time, and we are very careful.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647